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Coffee Library Museum

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Name: Volume

Address Piazza Santo Spirito 5/r

Tel: 055 2381 460

Email: hello@volume.fi.it


After the death of the youngest of the Bini and the closure of the fund has been detected by the owners of the restaurant "Borgo Antico" with whom it was created this place that attempts to maintain (even inside a business) , the first image of the old laboratory, are exposed permanently large number of objects of the Bini and the tools with which they were made.

In addition to this we have set ourselves the goal to realize a series of exposures between art and crafts that give something to the place and the neighborhood, which has a tradition that still exerts an attraction for young people who want engage in craft work, a sequel and a perspective.

In addition to Volume it is made available to young musicians who perform a few nights a week and is already being implemented the program until the end of the year, it plans to contemporary painting, quality handicrafts exhibitions, music and all you can be proposed reagalando room for creativity and imagination.

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