Teatro Comunale Antella

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artistic direction of Riccardo Massai

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Name: Teatro Comunale Antella

Address via Montisoni 10

Tel: 055621894

Email: teatro@archetipoac.it


Antella Municipal Theatre, in via Montisoni 10, Antella, Bagno a Ripoli.

An unexpected gem.

Since 2003 the Association, thanks to the work of artistic director Riccardo Massai, organizes an annual theater season which has become a landmark in the world of theatrical offerings in Florence and the province, appreciated by experts in the field (such as the Fondazione Toscana Entertainment that in 2009 commissioned the Bacchae of Euripides), the press (journalists of the Republic, the Unit, the Corriere fiorentino, RAI Tuscany attend and recensiscono habitually appointments Theatre since 2003), public institutions (especially the Province of Florence and Regione Toscana, which over the years have often funded and supported the production activity of the Theatre). Big names hosted with their shows from 2003 to 2013, and it would be impossible to list them all. Remember, among many others:

Michele Placido, Piera Degli Esposti, Angela Finocchiaro, Simon Webbe, Luigi Lo Cascio, Luca Ronconi, Antonio Rezza, Carlo Cecchi, Laura Curino, Alessandro Benvenuti, Scabia, Franco Di Francescantonio, Mario Perrotta, Enzo Moscato, Marco Baliani, Simona Bucci for the dance, and many, many others.

Archetype, under the direction of artistic director Riccardo Massai, current assistant director Luca Ronconi at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, since 1997 produces high quality professional performances, and high and recognized cultural sites, aimed at a target as heterogeneous as possible (from prose to theater research, from the video-making to music, from contemporary dance performance), however, using the great interpreters of the Italian scene as

Maria Paiato (2014 and 2015), Paolo Bonacelli (2009 and 2010), Giovanni Crippa (2012), Carla Fracci (2010), Carlo Monni (2010), Amerigo Fountains (2007 and 2012), the Bandabardò (2008), Gabriella Bartolomei (2007), Sandra Collodel (2007) and others.

Among the authors and texts proposed by Massai director, they include both classical and contemporary, including:

Euripides (2007 and 2009), Plato (2009 and 2010), Shakespeare (2003, 2004, 2005), Wilde (2010), Brecht (2008), Rilke (2010), Ionesco (2011), Cortazar (2012), Thomas Saints (2009), Stefano Massini (2007).

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