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Name: Rex Café

Address Via Fiesolana 25r

Tel: tel. 055-2480331



the REX

The REX is a timeless place, that does not age but transforms continuously. A space that is born dictating the vanguard already in the 90s and since then continues to stand out for its timeless eccentricity, which leads him to pass the time while remaining over the top.
The REX is inspired by the homonymous and immense Transatlantic Italian naval engineering masterpiece, entering one gets the feeling of being completely suspended Everywhere hanging objects, contrasting colors, red and blue lights. The walls are decorated with sail-shaped lamps, mirrors stolen at a salon ship, old portraits and old photographs. They are scattered everywhere objects of all sorts: suitcases, turntables, a traffic light, comfortable retro sofas, a life-size Marlin dropped from the ceiling.
The large circular counter Simple hull is always surrounded by a lot of people waiting to drink the cocktails prepared by Virginia and Lawrence. The counter is a 'massive wooden island-mail to the local center and framed by a huge mosaic that incorporates marine figures ... no, assured, comes out unscathed!
Every weekday REX changes face by proposing a 360 ° entertainment, from live acoustic lysergic and suitable for meditation, the more rock drifts, blues and jazz that awaken the spirits, up to the evening of mayhem hopping to House, Funky rhythms , classic Italian to Rector.
The nights of the REX remain a guarantee if you want to make a change to a po'noiose evenings and aimless; a safe harbor in which to stop the fun from aperitif at night, even without feeling the need to change destination. We recommend you to drop by any day of the week for a pre-dinner aperitif provides for the possibility to enjoy in peace and quiet one (or more) of a rule made cocktails art from Virginia and Lorenzo, accompanied by sandwiches 0 km prepared dall'Amblé!
THE REX is that place in Florence where you can drink, we talk, we kiss and we fall in love! Someone does well love ...
THE REX is another thing!

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Via Fiesolana, 25, 50122 Florence

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