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A 'quiet atmosphere, intimate, family, fun ... as your living room with friends. Music and environment cared for and original. Customers from 24 years up. And 'the only place in Florence that devotes an entire absinthe evening and only serves the original absinthe VERT LA FEE! Comes the Green Fairy: all crazy for absinthe! --------------------- The are many things to say then do not waste any more time and let's start! Officially it is a cocktail of green color, very aromatic taste whose vapors rise quickly to the head giving a pleasant feeling of light-headedness, of remoteness from reality. Absinthe is an old liquor, strong, intoxicating but toxic if it exceeds certain doses. Besides being much alcohol - alcohol content: 70 ° - it contains large quantities world's most famous aphrodisiac, anise. It also contains a chemical called thujone, which is very similar to the active chemical in cannabis. But because of the terrifying side effects of his abuse, it was banned in 1915. Many old stories about absinthe drinkers, many of which are absolutely true, now make this liqueur even more legendary: from Jack the Ripper to Dracula, depravity from the Moulin Rouge the arts and madness of Van Gogh and Picasso. Absinthe soon became the symbol of the devil and was dubbed "the Green Fairy", the "worst of the witches'! In our Otium, to understand the taste you have to taste it and to understand the "spirit" can help us Oscar Wilde: "A glass of absinthe, there is nothing more poetic in the world ... The first stage is that the drinker normal, the second one in which you begin to see monstrous and cruel things, but if you persevere, you will arrive at the third level, the one where you see the things you want, strange and wonderful things "and again Delvau:" drunkenness is not like that to any of those known. Not heavy intoxication of beer, nor the fierce spirit shall nor the genial drunk wine ... No, absinthe makes you turn your head, you firmly on the shoulders of a couple of great scope and part of wings for a country without borders but also without poetry and without sun. " Among the many types of absinthe, the Otium here, we "Absinthe La Fee". An absinthe that, according to experts, is the one that comes closest to the original recipe, the "Moulin Rouge". Absinthe is an ingredient for cocktails but especially intriguing is served with a special "ritual", the alchemy between absinthe, sugar, water and fire. With us every day you can drink the Green Fairy and Tuesday night is entirely dedicated to this mythical drink with lots of cocktails. -------- Parking. summer outdoor space. All TUESDAY: THE GREEN FAIRY ABSINTHE ....... !! Wednesday: Latin THURSDAY ': live rock music Open every evening from 21:00 until late at night!

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