Handmade chocolate tasting, coffee, tea, wine and spirits copyright

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San Frediano, historical district of Florence, the heart of the ancient city life. One who is to visit the beautiful Piazza del Carmine and Brancacci Chapel, which houses the extraordinary cycle of frescoes by Masaccio, can not resist the temptation to visit.

We are a meeting crossroads of all lovers of handmade chocolate tasting and coffee, tea, wine and liquor copyright.

Curious, greedy and a little adventurous, we ventured into the construction of a homemade ice cream with its tastes rediscovers the tradition of the ancient Tuscan recipes. We have fun as well with crêpes, reinterpreting with freshness and simplicity of the flavors of international cuisine. To the more adventurous we offer milkshakes, smoothies and parfaits made with innovative combinations of flavors.

In our laboratory we create every day new types of biscuits to tea and spices together agl'immancabili biscuits dark chocolate chips; much space is also dedicated to the muffins that now represent an indispensable rendezvous for lovers of "afternoon snack". The most demanding palates dedicate cakes carrot and chocolate, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, hazelnut cream or pink grapefruit.

New for this season is the "chocolate soup." Imagine yourself standing in front of the boiling and steaming milk chocolate, dark or white, served with toasted pistachio, chili and cinnamon.
All this is Hemingway and much more that will surely come.

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