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Alternative Concept Space

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Name: GLUE

Address c/o U.S. Affrico - viale Manfredo Fanti 20



Glue, the collective of which Florence was in need! Glue is a space that welcomes different events, where various forms of art - music, film, theater, design, literature, photography ... - interact with each other and the contamination between genres makes every evening a unique experience.

Glue is also a workshop in which each shareholder may propose their own artistic production and be able to move from spectator to actor.

Signing the supporter membership card entitles you to 'free access to all the events of the annual program.

To access the "GLUE - ALTERNATIVE CONCEPT SPACE" simply take out an annual card, valid from the time of subscription to the 30/08/2012 (art. 9 of the cultural association statute Glue).

The card (cost € 13.00) gives to 'FREE ENTRY entitled to all the shows organized at the Glue for the duration of validity.

All students who present themselves with a valid student card, will be offered a beer or soft drink equivalent, at the time of enrollment.

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