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Name: Exenzia Club

Address Via Ettore Sambo 10

Email: davide@exenzia.it


Exenzia ROCK CLUB: THE STORY The Exenzia Rock Club, ACSI is a cultural club, which saw the light in febbaio of 2008 and after a start from multipurpose room soon becomes an important point of reference in the panorama of alternative music in Prato Florence and soon he is known throughout Tuscany. After a number of changes to the artistic director since September 2008, he began working with MetalMillenniuM, beginning in condominium with Grand Duchy of Metal and since October 2009 as a just and unique artistic directors. From May 2010 with the takeover also they renew the collaborators and staff of the service order. The musical style ranges from the local metal in all its forms, classic and modern rock, alternative and electro-gothic to, but try to deviate from the usual "local rock", in steps of DJ sets in particular where classic rock it is joined much "tanzmetal" music of German and a bit of electronics production, which improves the only Exenzia in its field. The restaurant has a large stage for live performances and two dance floors where you can dance until dawn, one of whom also equipped as a smoking room and dedicated to the most particular and sophisticated sounds, or gothic and metal rotating weekly following the theme of the concerts. the local main feature is the large space available which allows a comfortable capacity of over 800 people. Even the furniture was adapted from musical genres proposed creating a perfectly themed space with the musical style and the customer look. A space to freely express their own style and personality and feel at home, in the "rock house", this fundamental characteristic also wanted by the new management to ensure that "our" people can feel completely at ease and not in a local (club) temporarily loaned to alternative music. Since September 2013 begins the third chapter of dell'Exenzia story with the management that goes directly to the kids that were previously only part of the staff. In the 2014/2015 season, our team will be its final form with another change. MANAGERS Exenzia ROCK CLUB: David "Dadex" Righi - President Luca "Egodrom" Mencarelli - Vice-President Serena Di Leo Righi - Segrataria

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