Widow Begbick's "ALL ON BOARD" wagon

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Location: Teatro Comunale di Antella , Antella Municipal Theatre, direction Archetype

Address via Montisoni 10, Antella , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Thursday 24 June 2021


The theater is back in a carriage in the garden of the Antella Theater with the review TUTTI A BORDO in the company of Paolo Migone, Alessandro Benvenuti, Andrea Kaemmerle, the new stage reading by Riccardo Massai and many other events .

From 23 June to 2 October , the e

tiva del Teatro and CARRIAGE 10 The Vedova Begbick wagon, the railway train that has become an original bistro space, hosts a rich program of 26 events, all at 9.30 pm : prose shows, music and dance performances, evening-show with the Drag Queen Lalique Chouette and Ava Hangar, hip hop, jazz pages, concerts and even the big screen with the all-female stories of “Binario donna”.

“A place is starting again on the right tracks that ties in itself the threads of the recovery of an unused area of the territory re-allocating it to its original cultural function, and the skills of young artists and professionals who find in the Wagon a perfect expression of their creative potential. Thanks to the CR Firenze Foundation that allowed the creation of this space and obviously to Archètipo who after a long year of pandemic and resistance can finally reopen this place to the community with a program that confirms, as always, the expectations for quality and depth. of the cultural proposal ”declared the Mayor Francesco Casini and the Councilor for Culture Eleonora François of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli .

" We are happy to leave for this long journey in the summer together with many guests" - adds Riccardo Massai , artistic director of the Teatro Comunale di Antella - "we have structured the program by dedicating Wednesday to cinema, Thursday to theater and Friday to music . In those days the summer arena will be a space to live even before the shows, with the bistro opening from 6.30 pm with a new appetizing menu prepared by an expert in food and beverages and with the after show from 11 pm onwards to finally be able to savor the beauty and joy of outdoor evenings ".


CARRIAGE 10, Widow Begbick's wagon



From 23 June to 2 October 2021

6.30 pm cocktail

9.30 pm show

11.00 pm after the show



CINEMA - Biglie tt or full € 7 - Reduction for Unicoop Firenze members € 5

THEATER and MUSIC - Full € 10 - Unicoop Firenze reduction € 7


Tickets are on presale in all TicketOne and Online points at www. you cketone.it

For Info tel. 055 621 894 - email tickets tt eria@archetipoac.it - www.arche ti poac.it

Via Mon ti soni, 10 - 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

Coworking info: carrozza10 @ arche ti poac.it


The summer season ALL ON BOARD of the Municipal Theater of Antella is organized by the Archètipo Cultural Association in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, RAT and UnicoopFirenze.


Municipal Theater Of Antella

Via Montisoni, 10 - Bagno a Ripoli (Florence) - tel 055 621894 - www.archetipoac.it

Press office

Laura Mammarella - lauramammarella.mail@gmail.co m




Wednesday 23 June at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

Love, Cuisine and Curry by Lasse Hallström (Usa 2014, 124 ')

Hassan Kadam, an extraordinary talent in cooking, forced to move with his family, decides to open a diner in a small French village; but the owner of a nearby restaurant strongly opposes ... From the director of Chocolat , a comedy of different flavors and cultures based on a true story. Produced by Steven Spielberg and starring a hilarious Helen Mirren.


Thursday 24th June 9.30 pm


Portnoy 's Lament by Philip Roth

Scenic reading by Riccardo Massai

With Rosario Campisi, Marco Malevolti, Luisa Noli

Alex traces his own existence to his analyst starting from the Jewish family. What interests him most is sex; after an adolescence spent locked in the bathroom, Alex throws himself into one story after another, always with non-Jewish girls, as if by penetrating them he could also penetrate their social environment.

Friday 25 June at 9.30 pm


Japanese drums , Taiko / Karate s head

with the Sayuri Shindo group

The Rising Sun bursts with the Sayuri Shindo group; an extraordinary show of Taiko (traditional Japanese drums), dances (Nihon buyo) and karate (Zanshindo). Lailac's Hanafuji dance group collaborates in the show with Japanese dances. Take action and you will not regret it, an unforgettable experience!


Wednesday 30 June at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

Mar Nero by Federico Bondi (France / Romania / Italy 2008, 95 ') in the presence of the director

The rough yet generous Tuscan character of a splendid Ilaria Occhini, deservedly awarded in Locarno, integrates well with the instinctive and true interpretation of Dorothea Petre, another extraordinary representative of that artistic scene that never ceases to surprise, the Black Sea is the precious directorial debut by Federico Bondi. A sea where prejudices drown. Two women live together on the outskirts of Florence. Angela, the caregiver, is a young Romanian woman recently in Italy, both alone, unwittingly seeking each other, day after day, opening up to each other.

Thursday 1 July at 9.30 pm


Empty air by and with Paolo Migone

In air pockets Migone faces the neuroses of our society, the tics, the fears ... this rush of modern man often driven only by continuous currents of anxiety. Bent over to the routine of an existence that is all the same and repetitive, stunned by office hours, mobile phones, televisions and sofas. Of course, there is no shortage of fun dinners on Saturday evening in pairs ... A uniform rectilinear motion that gives way to the light and gray dust of the depression to settle on the shoulders without anyone noticing. No flicker, no rejection, no rebellion, we go with the flow without asking uncomfortable questions that could put us in serious trouble. Of course the show is comical and entertaining.


Friday 2 July at 9.30 pm


Maybe in concert

Maybeil was born in May 2019 from an idea of Bruno Ballerini (guitar) and Flora Toccaceli (bass) who, after the experience with Alter Ego, decide to form a new band by recruiting Filippo Masi (vocals) and Lorenzo Panerai (drums ). The young band offers a sound that summarizes different sounds ranging from post-punk to new wave and what is born is something totally new that combines old sounds with new trends, all strictly in Italian.


Wednesday 7 July at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

The house of books by Isabel Coixet (Spain / Great Britain 2017, 115 ')

In 1959, Florence Green decides to open the first bookshop in the sleepy coastal town of Hardborough, England. Challenging the bigoted mentality of the people, he begins to provoke the cultural awakening of the place by also selling novels that generate scandal. A film that gives the viewer the pleasure of reading: in the tactile impressions linked to the paper, the sensations one feels while reading and the emotions that accompany the flow of the last words of the book that we liked.


Thursday 8 July at 9.30 pm


The tiger man understand everything in one night

by and with Andrea Kaemmerle

In this production by Gascone Teatro we witness the revolt of two "characters", the father and Oreste, who with the 100 replicas made the audience and critics laugh and dream. In a sleepless night, two opposing humanity confess in a comical and "shaky" way. Here two heroes of the smooth, two retirees of the festival, two globetrotting, arrive at old age with opposite decisions. The two characters alternate, challenge each other in an ever more pressing rhythm, in a show, with a comedy that is as powerful as it is poetic, which gives the public a great reflection on old age.


Friday 9 July at 9.30 pm


Powder A spectacular journey into the art of Drag Queen

In recent times, drag art has established itself in popular culture and there is still a lot of confusion and mystery behind an art that has its roots in the mists of time. To help us shed some light on the subject, not one but two Miss Drag Queen Italy, Lalique Chouette and Ava Hangar, will take us by the hand and through songs, words and emotions they will make us discover a little more about this world. colored. The show is suitable for an audience of all ages and contains madness, beauty, comedy and melancholy.

Wednesday 14 July at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

Richard Eyre's verdict (Great Britain 2017, 105 ')

Gorgeous Emma Thompson plays the role of British High Court Judge Fiona Maye, persuaded to always do the right thing, in court as in life. Fiona must decide the fate of Adam Henry, a 17-year-old Jehovah's Witness with leukemia who refuses a transfusion. A work on the choices between ethics and law. Head and heart.


Thursday 15 July at 9.30 pm


Panic but rose from the diary of an intubable

Written, directed and performed by Alessandro Benvenuti

59 days of lockdown. 59 pages of a diary that tell the obligatory isolation of an actor who deprived his natural habitat: the stage, decides to get out of his proverbial reluctance and tell himself for the first time publicly and with disarming sincerity as a person. Dreams and needs, memories and cruelties, fantasies and humor. And through this comic subversive force to hope, for once again, to go back to being a child, or rather, a little child, before being silent forever. In short, let's say that dramaturgically speaking 'Panic but pink' is of the genre Po Ca Co: Poetic Catastrophic Comic ”. Alessandro Welcome

Friday 16 July at 9.30 pm


Partners in Crime

Preview new album

" Chain Breakers"

with Simone di Maggio and Angelo Castiglione

National preview of the new album by The Partners in Crime "Chain Breakers", out in 2022. After a year of absence from the stages due to the pandemic and after postponing the release to 2022, Partners in Crime are back with a show never proposed before. The Tuscan-Sicilian band will play the new record in a unique event that will not be replicated until next year. It will therefore be the only opportunity to listen to "Chain Breakers" until the physical release. An appointment not to be missed!

Wednesday 21 July at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

The electric woman by Benedikt Erlingsson (Isla / Fra / Ukraine 2018, 100 ')

Halla is a woman who fights alone, with stubbornness and courage, the multinationals that are devastating her land, the Icelandic highlands. But when an old adoption request of hers goes through and a little girl comes into her life by surprise, Halla will have to face her biggest challenge. A light but substantial comedy between environmentalism and individual responsibility.

Thursday 22 July at 9.30 pm


The usual things

With Lisetta Luchini, Sergio Forconi and Giovanni Lepri

A brilliant show made up of monologues, skits in the vernacular and songs of the popular tradition that has as protagonists three established professionals of the regional scene: Giovanni Lepri, comic actor and talented character actor, well known in particular by the Florentine public, Lisetta Luchini, singer, researcher, actress and storyteller, author of songs that have received awards and success and a real ambassador of Tuscany, Sergio Forconi who boasts a career of over fifty years in theater, cinema and television. An evening of light-heartedness and genuine good humor: in short, a guarantee of sure fun .

Friday 23 July at 9.30 pm


UI in concert

The “UI” duo is formed by the Japanese singer, painter, dancer Julia Wakabayashi and the musician Cosimo Ravenni; is the meeting of two eclectic personalities united by a passion for music and art. In a few months of work Julia and Cosimo have found a strong affinity and aroused interest and enthusiasm among those who have followed their first steps. The repertoire is varied but proposed in an acoustic and essential key and includes covers (from Simon & Garfunkel to Kazumasa Oda) and unpublished songs.

Wednesday 28 July at 9.30 pm

CINEMA Binary woman

The body of the bride by Michela Occhipinti (Italy / France 2019, 94 ')

Verida is a Mauritanian girl of today. She works in a beauty salon, frequents social networks and has fun with friends. When the family chooses a future husband for her, Verida - like many of her peers - is forced to gain weight by facing the "gavage", to achieve the ideal of beauty and the social status that the tradition of her country imposes on her. As marriage approaches in great strides, meal after meal, Verida questions everything she has always taken for granted. Michela Occhipinti's first work chooses the story of Verida to address, from a different point of view, how the power dynamics of man over woman are proposed in different ways but similar results, both in the West and in other places in the world. .

Special event : The girls from Cinematografica, an association that works to promote gender equality through cinema, will take part.


Thursday 29 July at 9.30 pm


Hercules and the Augean Stables by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

with Stefano Parigi

directed by Marco Di Costanzo

Through a desecrating and exasperated irony, Hercules and the

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