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Location: Teatro Comunale di Antella , Antella Municipal Theatre, direction Archetype

Address via Montisoni 10, Antella , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Friday 22 October 2021


Theatrical S tation - First Part

22 October - 12 December 2021



Via Montisoni 10, Bagno a Ripoli - Florence

Residence theater of the Tuscany Region - Artistic direction Riccardo Massai

After 12 long months, the Antella Municipal Theater reopens its doors to the public for the first part of the theater season: “ ... ON THE STAGE THAT SCOTTA (9 LIVES) ”, scheduled from 22 October to 12 December 2021.

The reference to the famous work of the playwright Tennessee Williams, The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , is "taken as a pretext - explains Riccardo Massai , who with the Archètipo Cultural Association has led the Antella Theater since 2003 - to say that on stage for us artists it is a time where it is difficult to be. 9 lives is the elevation to power that we are forced to invent like the lives of cats, in this period to survive, precisely on hot coals ".

In this last part of the season - continues the artistic director Riccardo Massai - we decided to propose all the productions made this year that have not been seen in our Teatro Comunale in Antella; productions that in many cases have traveled throughout Italy but have not yet made their debut in Tuscany: all novelties made in Archètipo ”.

Our theater is finally starting to live again. Last season - says the mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Francesco Casini - it had to be stopped in the middle, with the crackdown on anti-contagion measures. Today, after 12 months, the Teatro Comunale di Antella is once again a home for all those who are looking for that particular magic that comes from the stage, a place of culture, aggregation, personal and collective growth. With the relaxation of the measures and the restoration of the capacity to 100% it will be possible to make up for lost time. A praise to the artistic director Riccardo Massai who despite the difficulties of the moment has been able to create a program that is confirmed as being of absolute quality. Able to alternate the commitment required by topical issues such as respect for diversity and organ donation, with moments of lightness and fun ".

It starts on 22 and 23 October with La vita salva by and with Silvia Frasson, a show produced by Archètipo that will debut soon in Rome and Milan (Fortezza Est, 18-20 / 11; Teatro Litta, 3-4 / 5) and which addresses the burning and current issue of organ donation. On 5 and 6 November, another production of Archètipo, Angelo della Gravita by Massimo Sgorbani, one of the most awarded and applauded authors of recent years, which sees in the role of director the splendid Alvia Reale and the interpretation of the indefatigable Fabio Mascagni, text compelling and revisited in a new light. On December 10, the pollinator by and with the talented Giovanni Guidelli, a show that addresses a worrying theme such as that of the danger that looms over bees to become a metaphor for our personal dangers as men.

Also in December, on the 3rd and 4th, the study on three episodes of Orgia di Pasolini interpreted by Fulvio Cauteruccio, Rosanna Gentili and Flavia Sedia, directed by Riccardo Massai. In addition to being a tribute to the author whose centenary will be celebrated next year, it is a proposal for reflection on the themes of diversity that grip our contemporary life so much and that Pasolini was able to prophesy half a century earlier.

The panorama is closed by the hospitality of three residences and a concert: the Teatro Solare on 29 and 30 October with La novella dell'Antella in an original interpretation by Ludovico Fededegni: an unexpected discovery in the State Archives made it possible to recover a story 14th century on the Antella, its parish church and its inhabitants, attributed to Franco Sacchetti; the Appliance Theater and the exhibition on the work of the late Florentine author and puppeteer Andrea Bendini on 12 November in Carrozza 10, the wagon of the widow Begbick; the fairy tale for adults Bluebeard on the occasion of the day against violence against women on November 25 and finally the concert by Ensemble Alraune for the Tuscan Festival on 12 December: Strange notes in a world without continuo .


22 and 23 October - 9.00 pm

Archètipo production in collaboration with Tedavì98 and the Montagne Racconta Festival (TN) with the patronage of AIDO Toscana

by and with
Silvia Frasson

" A story of death but also and above all of life, of pain and hope, of coincidences and fatalities"
"A text of resurrection, resistance, resilience"

In a period of difficulty like this that we live in, telling a story that speaks of solidarity between strangers is a good way to not be alone in this chaos of fears, uncertainties and fatigue. The show responds to an urgency to tell life, in all its forms, in the essential pains, in unexpected encounters, in small and large events that follow one another and alternate, regardless of us and our desires.

29 and 30 October - 9.00 pm

Solar Theater / Metropolitan Resonances - Artistic residence


By Giorgio Moretti with Ludovico Fededegni

An unexpected finding in the State Archives made it possible to recover a fourteenth-century story on the Antella, its parish church and its inhabitants, attributed to Franco Sacchetti. A burlesque and romantic story, centered on the commission of a work - testimony that overshadows subsequent and well-known events, involving one of the most famous creations in the history of art, and which are intertwined up to the present day, on three temporal levels, at Antella, in fact, the reactions to the discovery were, to say the least, conflicting.

" Well aware of the impossibility of bringing back all the wonders that emerged, we hope at least to give you a taste of the popular identity that has inhabited Antella for centuries."


5 and 6 November - 9.00 pm

Archètipo production
Massimo Sgorbani
Fabio Mascagni
directed by
Alvia Reale
original music by
Roberto Piazzolla
Sandra Cardini costumes
Francesco Biscione
Valerio Cassa movement
assistant director
Iacopo Paradisi

The show debuted within the Intercity Festival as an Archetipo-Intercity Festival co-production.

From a real event, reported on the pages of the newspapers.
A death row inmate waits for the day of execution. The state that sentenced him kills by hanging.
The inmate is so fat that the hangman's rope would not hold the weight. The execution must be postponed. The place of the verbal action could be a cell, but more exactly it is any place before God.

November 12 - 6.00 pm - Carriage 10, widow Begbick's wagon (free admission)

Home Appliance Theater - Tuscan Artistic Residence Terra Accogliente 2021

Inauguration of the EXHIBITION ON ANDREA BENDINI in the presence of the Appliance Theater to chat about the work of the late Florentine author and puppeteer.

In 1994 there was a rat show, dark as rats, which, like rats, moved in the dark and disappeared before it could be seen. So there was its author, a puppeteer playwright and a “cursed” director, of which most of the works ended up in the garbage. What little that remains happens in the hands of a company that decides to celebrate it, telling how it stumbled into the story of this outsider, with a decidedly out of the ordinary vision of puppets and marionettes.

November 25 - 6.30 pm

On the occasion of the day against violence against women

Teatro di Confine and Ambiur puppets - Artistic residence

BARBABLÙ, a modern fairy tale

First studio and theater workshop from the fairy tale by Charles Perrault

Show of shadow theater, masks and puppets

With Olimpia Bogazzi, Khalilurrahman, Marcella Formenti, Edmond Parubi

Director: Edmond Parubi

Bluebeard with a blue beard like the sky at night, looking for a wife. It is said that he has had others in the past, disappeared who knows where. He is a haughty and taciturn man with a robust build despite his age. It has infinite treasures enclosed in the boundless rooms of its luxurious palace on the mountain near the city. But he feels alone up there all alone, he needs company.

The theme of violence is told here with a timeless and placeless fairy tale, to move the consciences of the older ones and educate the little ones to gestures of respect and love.


3 and 4 December - 9.00 pm

ORGY by PPPasolini

Study: Episode I, II, V

With Fulvio Cauteruccio, Rosanna Gentili, Flavia Pezzo

Directed by Riccardo Massai

Pasolini still gives scandal today one hundred years after his birth.

Composed in 1965, Orgia is Pasolini's first theatrical work, which, even before being theater, is poetry. Dense and powerful text that imposes on the public, as on the protagonist, that catharsis generated by a stance. Drama about power, where the awareness of belonging implies the destruction of oneself as the only form of revolt, the only way out: the apotheosis of diversity.

Pasolini is anxious to critically rewrite the paradigms of his own poetic vision, his "hopeless" fear of a world absent from his own future.

10 December - 9.00 pm


by and with Giovanni Guidelli

and with Francesco Grifoni

"The pollinator" is a play shake, rhythm, rhythmic, harmonic, or rather deliberately discordant, considered the duality offered to the viewer. Daughter of a timeless contemporary, the work pleasantly and fluently develops all the rules of the thriller, also thanks to Guidelli's ancient cinematographic training.
“I would like - declares Guidelli - to go back to considering the theater as an unconventional space”.

12 December - 10.30 am (free admission)

Concert for the Tuscan Festival


Ensemble Alraune

Stefano Zanobini, viola

Hildegard Kuen, viola

Margherita Naldini, double bass

Where: Eurasian plate

When: Holocene geological period (around 1750 AD)

The sudden disappearance of the "basso continuo" is shrouded in a mystery similar to that of the extinction of the Dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period. This concert deals with the "new rebirth" of music which, by cutting the bridges with the "old style" of Vivaldi and Bach, would soon have outlined a new musical scenario and the emergence of iconic music figures: Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven .


Tel. 055621894 (Monday to Friday 9.00 - 13.00) e-mail reservations@archetipoac.it

For reservations it is essential to collect the ticket 30 minutes before the start of the show. The theater box office is open one hour before the start of the shows. In the evenings with free admission, access to the hall will be allowed subject to availability. Reservations are required for all events and documents must be presented at the entrance according to the law.


Tickets for the season are on presale at all TicketOne Points and online at www.ticketone.it

Theater secretariat open: from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 13.00

Full € 14.00 Reductions € 12.00 (Under 12 and over 65 - Coop Firenze Members - Student Card - Enrolled in Archètipo laboratories)

The theatrical season of the Municipal Theater of Antella is organized with the support of: the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, RAT and UnicoopFirenze.

Municipal Theater of Antella

Via Montisoni 10, Bagno a Ripoli - Florence

Tel. 055 621894

teatro@archetipoac.it www.archetipoac.it

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