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Location: LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO , Literary cafe

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Address Piazza delle Murate , Firenze - Centro Storico

Date: Sunday 24 October 2021


Tuesday 19th October at 6pm presentation of the poetry collection Corpo striato by Riccardo Frolloni (ed. Industria & Letteratura); with the author there will be Stefano Colangelo , professor at the University of Bologna and author of various volumes on contemporary poetry, and the poet and performer Jonathan Rizzo . The striatum is one of the three "nuclei of the base" of the human brain, one of the most primordial, animal-like areas, and controls, among others, the functionality of movements. Thus, in recounting the trauma of her father's death, one encounters the life-movement relationship: from Nilla, who is sick with Parkinson's, to her father immobile in the coffin. Dreams then become places of meeting, rethinking and understanding; family events and village anecdotes trace a chorus of characters that narrate the magical and tragic horizon of the province and of childhood. In the elaboration of mourning, attachment to life and the need to share a human history are rediscovered.

Tuesday 19 October at 9pm Within CINETECA EUROPA . Women, rights, economy and environment: for an enlightened Europe , the Europe Direct desk of the Municipality of Florence and the cultural association La Nottola di Minerva present: 120 BEATS PER MINUTE, Introduced by Letizia Fuochi - literary and musical performance; SCREENING OF THE FILM by Robin Campillo - France, 2017. The story of the birth of Act Up, an organization of activists that has drawn attention to the consequences of AIDS. Inspired by a true story. The film was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, got 2 nominations and won an award at the European Film Awards. Free admission subject to availability in compliance with anti-Covid-19 regulations (Green Pass).

Wednesday 20 October at 6 pm The cultural association La Nottola di Minerva presents: Maurizio Sentieri in The last transhumance . From the Apennines notes for tomorrow - Rubbettino Editore. The author talks with Michele Rossi and Filippo Marranci. Readings by Flavia Pezzo. Today, almost all of us live in a condition that is the daughter of the profound transformations of the economic boom, when the “last transhumance” takes place, that is, when producing, buying and consuming, suddenly becomes the necessary perimeter in which to live. The Apennines still bear the deepest scars of those transformations. Forgotten territory, in spite of itself "protected" by a modernity that ran but still has preserved stories to tell. The latest transhumance are testimonies, stories and images like so many breaths, in which an almost lost culture is confronted with a modernity, ours, of which today we have rediscovered all its fragility.

Friday 22 October , in the OFF calendar of the L'Eredità delle Donne Festival, at 7.30 pm in the First Woman Normal Fashion Show gallery. What's Normal? A prêt-à-porter fashion show that introduces the Gabrètte, the new tie for women. Not plasticized models will parade, but "normal" women, challenging the very meaning of the term to enhance the female figure and the role of women in everyday life.

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October at 5 pm at Nardini Bookstore, corner of via dell'Agnolo-Murate: Pioneer: three Florentine artists . Conference by Elda Torres with video projections. Speeches by Elisabetta Pandolfini, Aldo Ricci, Elena Salvini Pierallini. Diana Baylon , ceramist, painter, sculptor, visual poet, friend of Rosai, collaborates with Fiamma Vigo, Mario Luzi, Montale, Gatto, at “Numero. Art and Literature ”, directs the Il Fiore gallery. In '69 at the Festival dei due mondi, in the collective “Maitres e jeunes d'aujourd'hui”, he exhibited together with Burri, Fontana, Picasso, Dubuffet. The Department of Prints and Drawings of the Uffizi has acquired 12 of his works. Present at the MART in Trento and Rovereto and in public and private collections. Charis Vivante lives her childhood in Villa Solaia (Siena), her adolescence in England, her youth in Africa. Grown up in a family of intellectuals such as Ascoli Graziadio, Cesare Vivante inherits her passion for painting from her mother Elena de Bosis, and her passion for poetry from her uncle Lauro de Bosis. Charis painter and poetess, after a figurative phase she switches to abstractionism. His last retrospective at the Parterre in Florence in the 1980s. Elena Salvini Pierallini , ESP the initials, makes her debut with her embroidered canvases. The thread is a determining element of its vast production. In addition to paintings and sculptures, many of his “standing books. In his performances he involved artists and writers, among them: “Black bags”. Among the exhibitions: "Windows on the Absurd" at Palazzo Panciatichi in 2003, "Libri in Piedi" at the State Archives of Florence. In collaboration with Nardini Editore; free admission with the possibility of booking at 334 3711197.

Sunday 24 October at 9pm Behave as a woman. Behave like a woman. Your skirt is too short. Your shirt is too tight. Don't show so much skin. Leave something to the imagination. Don't be so flirtatious. Dress in black. Wear heels. You are not very feminine. ”How many times as women have we had to hear these phrases in our life? Tired of the rituals that patriarchal society imposes on us every day of our lives, Maravillas Barroso and Stefania Ciaccheri decided to create a tragicomic performance that would also inspire a profound reflection on the so-called concept of femininity. The Be a Lady video is the basis for giving a free interpretation and creating a short show; accompanied by a third character, the doll Maria, they developed the project to make the public understand how micro-male chauvinism is still too present in our society. A micro-machismo that becomes a weapon of mass destruction, but that highlighted and staged can take a small step forward to start changing the language, to make us reflect on the effect of those messages and their consequences. Free offer admission. Information and reservations 3891975841.

The events of «Estate al Caffè Letterario» are all free admission in respect of anti-covid legislation, limited capacity, so it is advised to book, by phone at 055 9360738, by email to (wait for an answer) or via WhatsApp at 333 1863521 .

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