June program

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Location: LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO , Literary cafe

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Address Piazza delle Murate , Firenze - Centro Storico

Date: Thursday 17 June 2021


June program


Contra Banda

The Contra banda , a band of note traffickers who, with their music, offers originality, joy and a return to the will to live, inaugurates the summer season at the Murate on Tuesday 1 June at 20.30. Francesco Birardi , the now well-known medical-musician, active for over 20 years with his traditional Cuban music group Perfidia, has decided to create a Latin and Cuban music project of his own composition: unpublished and original songs which, fully inserting themselves in the wake of the Cuban tradition, they express new life, new solutions and new sounds, thanks also to the contribution of musicians such as Luca Imperatore , Marco Poggiolesi , Michele Staino and Paolino Casu . The basic idea is that even traditional Cuban music, such as jazz, rock, pop, etc. can get out of the restricted area in which it was born and spread to the whole world, provided that its fundamental rules are respected. The same songs of the Contra Banda are in fact liked in Cuba, where a famous, historic group, the Septeto Nacional, is arranging and recording them! Son, bolero, guajira, rumba, bachata are now an international language, and Birardi and his Contra Banda have well received it!

Thursday 3 June at 20.30 UI The “UI” duo is made up of the Japanese singer, painter, dancer Julia Wakabayashi and the musician Cosimo Ravenni (double bass player of the Street Clerks); is the meeting of two eclectic personalities united by a passion for music and art. In a few months Julia and Cosimo found a strong affinity and aroused interest and enthusiasm among those who followed their first steps. The repertoire is varied, proposed in an acoustic and essential key and includes covers (from Simon & Garfunkel to Kazumasa Oda) and unpublished original songs. The name is polysemic: UI like 'we' or 'you and me', or 'oui', as you like.

Friday 4 June 8.30 pm Bob Jay trio. Emi Tozzi: sax and clarinet; Enzo Panichi: drums; Roberto Uggiosi guitar and voice. Three talented musicians explore the swing of the golden years on both sides of the ocean, between author songs, ballads and some standards. An exciting journey full of rhythm. The trio explores the boundless world of Italian swing in a retro key. Alongside Arigliano and Carosone, the most recent Conte and Capossela also feature in the repertoire, oscillating between swing, manouche, dixieland, waltz and sweet ballads to the sound of tango and Latin rhythms. The path is steep and tiring and the three bravely ride it now on a Torpedo Blu or a Topolino Amaranto. The three musicians together take the place of an entire retro swing orchestra with lightness and imagination, have fun and always entertain with a mocking smile and a playful interest in music. Roberto Uggiosi, from Pistoia with a long career as a bluesman, has released the album “D'istinto” under his name, in which he realizes his vision of music as a direct expression of the soul.

Saturday 5 June at 8.30 pm Funplugged, or Laura Vicini (vocals and guitar) and Paolo Amulfi (guitar): they interpret and rearrange in an acoustic version songs from the pop, rock, blues and country repertoire from the seventies to today. The vocal characteristics of Laura, endowed with a warm and powerful timbre, and the way of playing of Paolo, full and percussive, make their concerts particularly brilliant, managing to involve audiences of any age, thanks also to the versatility of their repertoire.

Thursday 17 June at 8.30 pm Two of L's Lucia Sargenti (vocals) and Lorenzo Bagnoli (acoustic guitar). They offer a refined but energetic repertoire, which comes from their passion for African American culture, unconditional love for the Beatles and a careful look towards current events.

Friday 25 June June 8.30 pm award ceremony of the VII edition of the final of the National Comedy Competition La Fabbrica della Comicità.Com Comici o Miseria It will be a real show presented by Stefano Baragli and with the full jury composed of journalists and names from the show, including Sergio Forconi, Jerri and Alessandro, Fabrizio Borghini of Toscana Tv, Elisabetta Failla of the Gazzetta di Firenze and others.

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