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Location: LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO , Literary cafe

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Address Piazza delle Murate , Firenze - Centro Storico

Date: Wednesday 23 June 2021


Le Murate Literary Cafe

Piazza delle Murate n.1, Florence

The 2021 edition of the "Summer at the Literary Cafe" has arrived at the Caffe Letterario Le Murate (Piazza delle Murate 1, Florence; free admission), where you can enjoy, in addition to the usual bar and restaurant service, regular programming, curated by Enzo Mileo and Domenico Frascà , of late afternoon and evening outdoor events: book presentations, concerts, dance performances .

There will also be an aperitif (served at the table) from 6 pm and, great news this year, a collaboration with P izza & Peace , an association that since 2005 has promoted pizza as a symbol of Italian gastronomic culture: guaranteed authenticity of every raw material, prevalence of products from organic and biodynamic cultivation, careful processing of every single ingredient and live mother yeast, for better and more digestible pizzas. Under the label of «Sapore & Sapere» there will be tasting-meetings organized, juxtaposed, by Pizza & Peace.

Book submissions and new issues of major journals will typically be three per week.

The events of «Estate al Caffè Letterario» are all with free admission , but in compliance with the anti-covid legislation, with limited admissions: reservations are therefore strongly recommended : once the maximum capacity allowed has been reached, it will not be possible to enter until someone has definitively left; for this reason it is advisable to book by phone at 055 9360738 , by email at (wait for an answer) or via WhatsApp at 333 1863521 .

The program is in progress : below are the evening events already confirmed:

Program June 21-26, 2021 (increasing)

Monday 21 June at 6 pm The Cultural Association la Nottola di Minerva, as part of the Florentine Summer of the Municipality of Florence, presents the fourth edition of the Reading in the Sound review. Journey between rhythm and words in Dante. A cycle of meetings and literary and musical performances on the theme of travel, always with the usual spirit of playful rigor . For the second appointment, at the Caffè Letterario delle Murate , the guest is Tito Barbini , author of The toy manufacturer (Arkadia publisher). The author talks with Paolo Ciampi ; live music by Michele Staino and Renato Cantini ; readings by Fulvio Cauteruccio . Simón Radowitzky was many things: anarchist, Russian, Jew, naturalized Argentine, revolutionary, murderer of the Buenos Aires police chief in 1909, prisoner, fugitive, militant in war, exile, toy manufacturer. None of these "labels", used to describe him telegraphically, can even remotely fully render his portrait, the pain that in every action he has dragged behind. Or maybe yes. In these dense and clear, poignant pages, the author narrates the life of a man who spent twenty years in the Ushuaia prison, at the far end of the world, in Tierra del Fuego. When he died, in 1956, everything and the opposite of everything had been said about him. Then oblivion covered his deeds. Today, especially in a historical moment like this, when the statues are demolished as a sign of an alleged rebellion against the established order and white supremacy, talking about Radowitzky is like returning to the true meaning of the term "anarchist".

Tuesday 22nd at 6pm presentation of The rhythm of life. Henri Bergson biologist of the time by Letizia Cipriani (Mimesis ed.); presented by Roberta Lanfredini (University of Florence) and Giulia Lanzirotti, moderated by Daniele Ramadan. The life of the philosopher Henri Bergson, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927 and one of the founding fathers of Unesco. Bergson was the protagonist of what could be called an authentic philosophical life, where the theory arises both from a profound metaphysics and, at the same time, from the daily life practices that see him engaged in a constant socio-political commitment. It is precisely by virtue of this important "vital impulse" that the author preferred to dissolve Bergson's philosophy in a narrative rather than essayistic flow, however following one of the first figurative models used by Bergson to describe consciousness-memory.

Thursday 24 at 6 pm David Bargiacchi presents his novel "there is a lot of space down at the bottom" by (Manni Editori); moderated by Antonio Venneri, with the participation of the musician Francesco Frank Cusumano. Many stories give life to a world in miniature, a quasi-novel recreated in a boule de neige; but instead of snow there are the sand and umbrellas of a seaside town, where vacationers on vacation mix with residents, adults with children, desires and dreams with everyday life. Ten characters animate short events characterized by a wait that also involves the reader and makes him the eleventh character, taken in a game with the text in search of a new point of observation. Then comes September, and that summer of the mid-eighties ends too. David Bargiacchi was born in 1974 in Florence where he lives and teaches physics in high schools. He wrote essays on the traditions of his territory in the twentieth century and poetry.

Friday 25 June at 6 pm Fabrizio Maronta presents the latest issue of «Limes»; moderate Giacomo Centanaro and Beatrice Gori. The fifth issue of Limes of 2021 is dedicated to The Israeli question , which questions the nature and trajectory of the Jewish state. Starting from the latest, recent conflict between Tsahal - the Israeli Armed Forces - and Hamas, but above all from the internal fractures in Israeli society that this conflict has revealed, Limes takes stock of the evolution of Israel. The issue analyzes the aspects of the limited socio-economic integration of the substantial Arab-Israeli minority and the consequent relapses of identity and loyalty to the State, the analysis is then extended to other social segments subject to (self) segregation, such as the ultra-Orthodox , and the repercussions of this situation under various profiles, to then arrive at the analysis of the regional scenario.

Friday 25 June at 8.30 pm award ceremony of the VII edition of the final of the National Comedy Competition La Fabbrica della Comicità.Com Comici o Miseria It will be a real show presented by Stefano Baragli and with the full jury composed of journalists and names from the show, including including Sergio Forconi, Jerri and Alessandro, Fabrizio Borghini of Toscana Tv, Elisabetta Failla of the Gazzetta di Firenze and others.

Saturday 26 June at 20.30 Mescaria in concert. Songs in the Lucanian language (native land of the singer), gypsy ballads and urban tarantellas that tell the story of the Mediterranean, seasoned with a pinch of contamination and unexpected sounds. A journey to discover the deepest traditions of popular music in our country: starting from the Grecìa Salentina, the Mescaria propose a vast repertoire of songs, tales, stories of love and emigration, of work and celebration, including pizziche, tarantella, popular music and Gipsy. Mescarìa is the meeting between three musicians of the Baro Drom Orkestar and the beautiful voice of Arianna Romanella. Arianna Romanella: voice and guitar; Vieri Bugli: violin; Modestino Musico: accordion; Gabriele Pozzolini: frame drums.

Other events on Wednesday 23 June:

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