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Location: Teatro Puccini , theater

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Address via delle cascine, 41 , Firenze

Date: Sunday 13 June 2021


Thursday 27 May at 6.30 pm and Friday 28 May at 8.30 pm

Catalyst Casa Romantika
by David Bianchi and Riccardo Rombi
with David Bianchi
directed by Riccardo Rombi
stage movement Ulpia Popa
Siani Bruchi lights

A shopping trolley as a ship to sail the seas of fantasy, a desert island to live in, a love to live and a story to be told without words but with the imaginative art of the circus. This and much more is Casa Romantika theatrical show that intertwines clowning, mime, music and imagination. The protagonist is Roman, a drunk fishing Clown, allergic to water, who, surprised by a storm, is shipwrecked with his boat / trolley, on a plastic island where every object takes on a new life. Visionary, melancholic, romantic as only a Clown can be, Roman will find himself recycling everything he finds in an original and fun way. Modern version of a modern day Robinson Crusoe, he will be able to reconstruct an entire world from what others have thrown away: four poles that become a house, a tablecloth that acts as a roof, a cape, an umbrella and a petrol can that will make a Romantika love story ...
recommended for all ages duration 60 minutes

Sunday 30 May at 6.00 pm
Central of Art
Aladdin and the magic lamp
text, direction and original music by Teo Paoli
with Silvia Baccianti and Lavinia Rosso (on stage) and with Aura Calarco and Giulio Paoli (on video)
costumes Anna Primi videographer Lavinia Rosso and Teo Paoli
stage movements Alessandro Mazzoni

A show that unfolds like the pages of a precious book, from scene to scene, a whirlwind merry-go-round of funny and mysterious, tender and romantic situations and characters who will accompany you in the magical, ancient Orient of the Thousand and One Nights. The reckless son of a poor tailor, a cunning and cruel magician, a genius imprisoned in an old lamp, the daughter of the Sultan ... and in the background, the streets of an oriental market, an underground garden with trees that bloom diamonds and rubies , and a palace that is the envy of the king's castle. The story of Aladdin is a story of great desires and great magic, of great loves and great cruelties̀; a story where the boundary between reality and fantasy, between possible and impossible, blurs until it almost disappears completely. The light of the lamp and the glow of the precious stones inspire the show that contains the story in a "magic lantern" in which events, places and characters chase each other in a whirlwind of surprising apparitions, evanescent shadows, sounds and music that immerse us in the magical atmosphere of the ancient East.
recommended age from 3 years duration 60 minutes

Wednesday 2 June 6.00 pm
Puppets of Stac
The Seven Headed Dragon
by Enrico Spinelli
directed by Giulio Casati puppets Pupi by Stac
costumes Roberta Socci sets Massimo Mattioli
music by Enrico Spinelli

In the net of the young fisherman Gianni ends up a magical fish that in exchange for salvation gives him a shell, a rusty sword, and a faithful companion, the dog Carlino. Together with his brothers, the boy faces adventures and terrible dangers, but in the decisive moments his audacity and the strange objects given by the little fish come to his aid. Gianni thus manages to free the Realm from the terrible Dragon. But when the triumph and the hand of the princess are already conquered ... here is the last, unexpected difficulty! recommended age from 4 to 10 years duration 60 minutes Sunday 6 June at 6.00 pm Pupi by Stac Stenterello on the island of the Pirates by Enrico Spinelli directed by Enrico Spinelli puppets Carlo Staccioli and Roberta Socci costumes Pupi di Stac scenographies Massimo Mattioli music Enrico Spinelli The arrogant captain Barbariccia , who wants to usurp the throne from the young Prince Eugene, has poisoned him and reduced him to death and, if that were not enough, he also contends for the hand of the beautiful Aurora. It falls to Stenterello and Carlotta, inadequate explorers, the task of finding the medicinal plant that will awaken the Prince. We will witness the duel to the death of the two contenders and the final twist that will bring justice back to the kingdom! In the sequel "Stenterello and The Talking Tree" Barbariccia will try to take revenge.
recommended age from 5 to 10 years duration 55 minutes

Sunday 13 June at 6.00 pm
Puppets of Stac
Caterina and the Orchess of Enrico Spinelli
directed by Giulio Casati
puppets Monique Quartini
costumes Monique Quartini
set design by Massimo Mattioli
music by Enrico Spinelli

Caterina and Martino, orphans, live alone and have to defend themselves from the Ogre who wants to capture the girl to offer her to the Orcess Armida as a meal. The boy is transformed into a lamb and his sister is reduced to slavery. They are helped by the Prince's squire who, together with the public, eludes the surveillance of the Orc, renders the Orc harmless and leads Caterina to the Palace. In the night, full of shadows and visions, L'Armida puts in place a diabolical plan that almost works ... but good, at least in fairy tales, always triumphs.
At the end a small and tender surprise! recommended age from 4 to 10 years duration 60 minutes

Single numbered seat € 8.00 (excluding presale rights)
Tickets on sale in the regional Box Office / Ticketone circuit Purchase online at INFORMATION: 055.362067 -

Puccini Theater Via delle Cascine 41 50144 Florence Tel. 055.362067

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