An outdoor stage in summer and a heated chapiteau in winter.

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Location: Instabile – Culture in Movimento , InStabile Culture in Movimento

Address via della Funga 27/b, sotto il Ponte del Varlungo , Firenze

Date: Sunday 13 June 2021


From Thursday 10 June under the Varlungo bridge, Florence

Unstable - Cultures in Motion

An outdoor stage in summer and a heated chapiteau in winter.

A space dedicated to contemporary circus, performing arts and live entertainment.

A multifaceted place that combines art, entertainment, education, nature, recycling, hospitality, multiculturalism and good food. From Thursday 10 June , with a summer program that will last until 5 September, inaugurates InStabile - Culture in Movimento, at the open space of the Circolo Arci La Loggetta under the bridge of Varlungo (Via della Funga 27 / a, Florence - from 6 pm until closing, info and reservations 366 9772005).

On the opening night, starting at 7:00 pm, space for the street band of Fiati Sprecati, and then continue with the world music of Trinadamas. On Friday 11 June the Alchermes spirit band dixieland jazz arrives, while on the weekend, and specifically on Saturday 12, the stage will be all for the Cuban music of Cubania y tradicion.
The weekly program closes on Sunday 13 with Giulivo balloon show, the last day of the week will in fact be dedicated to the contemporary circus with free offer shows dedicated to families and children.

As for the theater, the program kicks off on Tuesday 15 June with “Zona Franca” by and with Federica Macucci, winner of the first prize at the CrashTest Contemporary Theater Festival in Valdagno (Vicenza). Reservations are strongly recommended.

"Referring to the phrase of the musical group Yo yo Ma If you try to oppress the human spirit, the human spirit responds by generating beauty , we strongly felt the need for a space of culture, art and sociability, fresh, creative, regenerating and popular" - say the organizers -. "Having had the availability of the Circolo Arci La Loggetta to use the land under the Varlungo bridge, we decided to create an outdoor cultural center in the summer and with a circus tent in the winter, a need also created to overcome the difficulties of the cultural and artistic world, which suffers from a lack of both cultural centers with free use and spaces for training and creation for the contemporary circus, theater and music. We believe that artistic versatility can regenerate itself in difficulties and find new life in a place of contamination between art, nature and sociability. We want to create a space where you can express yourself and be heard and where you can find those who listen and express themselves, a popular place without elitism, where entry is free or at an affordable cost only for some shows. We want to create a place of sociality through art, welcoming to people of all ages and backgrounds, without barriers, but rather that feeds on the value and experience of all cultures and all generations.
InStabile is a new type of theater, unstable, made with tensile structures, nomadic, light, multiform and multidisciplinary and which in the fragility of the precariousness of the artistic world manages to find its strength and its balance. Unstable is a space without borders, because it supports the contamination between cultures, artistic disciplines and languages, overcoming the barriers of age, language and cultural origin. A meeting place and social gathering in an active relationship with the surrounding area, which becomes a resource for the District 2 that hosts it and for the city ".

The project was born from an idea of Natalia Bavar , artistic director of Cirk Fantastik !, cultural designer and trainer, Caterina Fabbri , architect and designer of eco-design spaces and in harmony with nature such as Utopiko, Sara Santarnecchi , cultural designer of Cirk Fantastik ! and Siani Bruchi , educator and theater technician. Chiara Di Gangi , musician and music therapist, joined the management group.

“Strongly believing in the value of collaborations and artistic contaminations, the programming will see collaboration with circus schools, cultural associations, trainers and creatives both in the territory and nationally and internationally. The program is very dense with concerts, theater performances and contemporary circus every day, with an eclectic and high artistic level programming that wants to host and give voice to the powerful creative humus of the city and taking advantage of the central position of Florence, having the opportunity to host companies and artists passing through north and south or even from the international scene ".

The cocktail bar and the Natura & Vino restaurant

Together with the cultural space of InStabile, the cocktail bar and the Natura & Vino restaurant are also open every day, which with the choice of its products, prices and management methods maintains the ethical and inclusive line of the whole project.

The pizza dough is made with type 1 and 2 semi-wholemeal flour and with natural leavening for at least 24 hours. Our mother yeast is handled personally by our pizza chef and has been alive for 2 years. It was created and “refreshed” with type 2 flour of ancient stone ground grains at the Paciscopi mill in Montespertoli.
All the cured meats come from the company "La Selva di Vallomo", which is located within the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, a wonderful area of total communion with nature and the environment. Here the pig lives in the wild, with a density of just under 10 heads per hectare, always remaining active and in motion. The company personally deals with breeding, slaughtering and packaging.

The beef and pork are branded CAF, Firenzuola Agricultural Cooperative, they come from farms of member companies that are located throughout the Mugello and Alto Mugello area with some exceptions falling within the territories adjacent to those of the province of Florence. Most of the CAF producer members have family businesses, and only a small part of the associated activities is made up of larger farms. Part of the vegetables such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green salad, courgettes, courgette flowers, come from the Il Faggeto farm, located in Il Faggeto in Anghiari in Tuscany which produces biodynamic vegetables. All the others are in any case at Km0.

And in the fall ...

From October 2021, the InStabile - Culture in Movimento project foresees the construction of a Multipurpose Cultural and Training Center with Chapiteau (circus tent) for the arts of the stage and of the contemporary circus in particular, always in the open space under the Bridge. of Varlungo of the Circolo Arci La Loggetta.

A winter window on the national and international cultural and artistic circuit from the contemporary circus to the arts of the stage.
A natural crossroads of passage in central Italy of experiences and proposals of the contemporary artistic circuit and wants to be a landing place between north and south, filling a void of accessible cultural spaces and with artistic and training proposals. The project plans to host a multitude of activities related to the arts of the stage with courses and seminars, moments of free training, space dedicated to the creation and presentation of works, contemporary circus reviews, theater, evenings of shows and concerts with an open bistro to all. InStabile was born in an open area also to have the opportunity to work with recycled buildings, with eco-design creatives and with projects related to the environment and nature, which are perfectly contaminated with cultural and artistic themes. From these combinations will also be born workshops and training in these sectors as well as the artistic ones in collaboration with Florentine associations and local and international professionals.

Information and opening hours:

Via della Funga 27 / a, Florence
Every day from 10 June to 5 September
From 6pm to closing
Music, contemporary circus, theater, dance, meetings, presentations
Cocktail Bar from 18.00
Natura & Vino Restaurant from 7.30pm to 11.30pm

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