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Location: Sala Vanni

Address Piazza del Carmine14 , Firenze - Centro Storico

Date: Friday 29 October 2021


“A Jazz Supreme” is back, the stage that tells stories

the best contemporary jazz scene

Six appointments scheduled in the program designed by Fernando Fanutti of the Musicus Concentus

and by the pianist Simone Graziano as a tribute to John Coltrane's album “A Love Supreme”.

A masterpiece. A record so high that Coltrane himself defined it as his offering to God. Released in February 1965 "A Love Supreme" is - and continues to be - a source of inspiration and guide for "A Jazz Supreme": the review of Musicus Concentus co-directed by Fernando Fanutti and Simone Graziano which this year reaches its 5th edition. On stage, on the stage of the Sala Vanni in Florence, six events that tell the best contemporary jazz scene.

The first concert, scheduled for Friday 15 October , features the new couple of Italian jazz: Luca Aquino and Giovanni Guidi, trumpet and piano, two talents, with various international experiences behind them, blossomed at different times but united by identical passions. One above all: the song. In fact, both define themselves as "missed singers" and it is no coincidence that their debut album, published by Musica Jazz magazine attached to the issue of last May, is entitled "Amore bello", from the homonymous song by Claudio Baglioni, included in the album together with Luigi Tenco's "Un giorno after another", more usual jazz standards such as "Over The Rainbow", "I Fall In Love Too Easily" and "What A Wonderful World" by armstronghiana memoria, as well as pieces written in four hands from the two protagonists.

The She's Analog group - scheduled for Friday 22 October - was born at the end of 2018 with the specific desire to explore once more the sonic possibilities offered by a particular declination of the bassless trio. The idea is that of a collectively created music which, starting from an increasingly thin compositional cue, is enriched with an increasingly radical improvisation. Their debut album “What I bring What I Leave” was released last year by Auand records and the one in Sala Vanni will be one of the first live presentation.

For years Ada Montellanico, one of the most important and original singer and composer on the Italian scene, in her various formations has preferred brass, instruments with sounds towards which she has a particular attraction and affinity. In this new musical adventure - scheduled for Friday 29 October - he chooses to his side Michel Godard, a multifaceted artist and great experimenter, one of the most extraordinary tuba players and the only absolute snake player.
WeTuba, this is the name of this new musical adventure that he will present in Sala Vanni, also sees the presence of three musicians who currently represent the most avant-garde expression of young Italian jazz, Simone Graziano on piano, Francesco Ponticelli on double bass and Bernardo Guerra to the battery. Extraordinary artists with whom Ada Montellanico has been collaborating for several years in various of her formations. An original organic that through the writing of new compositions, wants to emphasize the construction and intertwining of the melodic lines of the various instruments. We Tuba is also a record (released in 2021 by Incipit) which can also boast the presence of Paolo Fresu on trumpet and filicorno.
In the next appointment of the review, scheduled for Friday 5 November, the protagonist is Gabrio Baldacci, on the stage of the Sala Vanni to present “Nina”, a triple disc that collects all his sonorous souls. In the triple album a decade of music is divided into three chapters: Solo, Tambrio (in duo with Stefano Tamborrino on drums), and Mr Rencore (in trio with Beppe Scardino on baritone sax and Daniele Paoletti on drums). A concert that actually contains three different lives.

The "Monumental duo" by Roberto Ottaviano Alexander Hawkins "From Africa to the Eternity", Friday 12 November, is a rather emblematic example of how these two great artists have understood and intend to make music and occupy their place in jazz: it could be defined lyric, in its collected and reflective atmospheres, but neither of the two stops on the other to linger on the note of effect.
Original standards and compositions (which naturally reflect the respective and shared experiences with African, American and European musicians) alternate in a flow that is dominated by the masterful interplay between two sophisticated and poetic musical minds. The result reaches dizzying heights rarely appreciable live, both in Italy and throughout Europe.

On Friday 19 November, together with Music Pool, the festival hosts Zoe Pia “Shardana”: a project that is the right and desired balance between madness and rationality, passion and sentiment, root and flower. Shardana is a brave graft of languages, repertoires and sounds straddling today's jazz, improvisation and ethnicity.
Zoe Pia in a quartet with extraordinary musicians (Roberto De Nittis for the Top Jazz of Jazz Music was voted as New Italian Talent 2019) will be able to make us experience atmospheres that break the space-time line, making past, present and future live in a "here and now" sound.

The activities of the Musicus Concentus Association benefit from the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence, the Metropolitan City of Florence and are supported by the CR Firenze Foundation with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo.

A JAZZ SUPREME - fifth edition
Sala Vanni, Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence
Concerts start at 9.15 pm

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Tickets € 13 + dp
Full ticket at the cash desk on the evening of the event (if available) 20 €

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