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Address via Vasco De Gama, 49-51 - Firenze , Firenze

Date: Thursday 02 June 2022


The review of the APS International Theater Center "PRIMO CONTATTO" continues in the new CTI SPACE in Florence
"PIZZA" theatrical scintillation by O. Melnik
• "Abtenau ist Bühne" International Festival - Salzburg / Austria - 2012
• International Festival "Scenic Harvest" Martin-Slovakia - 2012
• Festival - National Showcase in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI) - 2013
• International Festival “FITAG” Girona - Spain - 2013
• Estivades International Festival - Marshe-en-Fammen- Belgium - 2015
• International Festival “The Circle of Friends” - Gubacha / Perm'- Russia - 2016
• Best Actor Duet Award to Samuele Batistoni and Tiziana Fusco International Festival "ARTimi" - Lithuania - 2017
• Best Actor Award to Samuele Batistoni at the "Kultur on Tour" International Festival - Bremen / Germany - 2018

Created and directed by Olga Melnik
Light designer: Samuele Batistoni Characters & interpreters:
Briciola - Valentina Schiavi
Minuzzola - Khushi Montefalchi
Panta - Samuele Batistoni
Garga - Tiziana Fusco
Old waiter - Davide Papi / Vasco Bonechi
New waiter - Matteo Facenna The International Theater Center proposes a new genre with this comedy: theatrical scintillation!
Born from an idea of director Olga Melnik, inspired by the characters Gargantua and Pantagruel that the French humanist writer François Rabelais made so symbolically credible as to be transformed into adjectives still used today to indicate insatiable opulence, this show plays on the evident imbalance of two opposing realities, the “above” and the “below” of the world, the essentiality against excess, the brazen careerism against the truth of feelings.
In this metaphorical cuisine, anthropologically exasperated characters coexist who want to demonstrate how unbalanced the world is in the face of the value of food.
More and more detached from a social vision, today it becomes a business tool, show-time, the object of futile challenges and a thousand television broadcasts, absolutely disconnected from the need to feed and much less from the added value of sharing, of "food" as an increase in care, attention, love.
To make everything accessible to a heterogeneous public both in terms of age and geographical and cultural origin, the actors use many theatrical languages (mime, commedia dell'arte, etc.) to light a "spark" capable of thrilling, entertaining, dreaming. but also to make us reflect on the “subliminal message” that we receive every day hidden behind yet another cooking program or the captivating slogans of the increasingly numerous fast-food restaurants.
Night, rain, cold, hunger ... two intruders! Thus begins this adventure where we will witness breathtaking duels, enchanted dreams, lessons to learn how to make incredible “flying” pizzas; we would be seduced by the superabundance of sinuous shapes and amazed by the infinite potential of a tiny crumb ...
With so much lightness and irony, the International Theater Center takes you to its "kitchen" to make you discover that hunger is not the same for everyone.
May 28th, 29th, 31st at 8.00 pm + it is possible to book a dinner ***
June 1st at 8.00 pm + it is possible to book a dinner ***
Reservations are required
tel. / whatsapp 3475572347
or by e-mail:
To enter the hall you need the green pass and wear the FFP2 mask
The space is sanitized
*** Dinner menu:
Tongs of your choice (Margherita, Vegetarian, Onion + sausage, Naples)
Soft drink or beer (can)
The cost of the theatrical evening with dinner for ADULTS - 20 euros; for children - 10 euros
Reservation is required by 27/05

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