Entre Dos Mundos

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Location: La Compagnia

Address Via Cavour 50/r , Firenze

Date: Saturday 01 October 2022


Starting Thursday 29 September "Entre Dos Mundos"

the Film Festival dedicated to the best films of Latin America with a focus on Mexico : 27 screenings of films, shorts and documentaries in European premiere and national team awarded in major international festivals

Entre Dos Mundos

Ibero-American Film Festival - 5th edition

Florence, 29 September - 2 October 2022 | Cinema The Company

The fifth edition of Entre Dos Mundos the Festival del C inema I beroamericano directed by Maria Lorena Rojas kicks off from 29 September to 2 October at the Cinema La Compagnia di Firenze (via Cavour 50 / r ) who this year dedicates a focus on one of most lively and leading countries of the Latin American cinematography: Mexico.

27 screenings with 7 films, 10 short films, 10 documentaries including 10 European and 8 Italian premieres, for an exciting journey into the world of contemporary Mexican cinema which is accompanied by meetings, special events and masterclasses.

The opening night of Thursday 29 September (8.30 pm - free event) opens with an important Italian preview: Una película de policías (2021) the last masterpiece by Alonso Ruizpalacios, Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival 2021.

In this docu-drama, two actors undergo an engaging process to discover what it takes to be a cop in Mexico City, delving into the maze of Mexican police corruption unearthed through their experiences. Through a daring experiment, the film will thus propel the viewer into an unusual cinematic space, while also showing one of the most controversial institutions in contemporary Mexico.

Mexico in documentaries

For the section of the festival dedicated to documentaries: In Tijuana - Border Stories (2022) by Matteo Abbondanza some cross-border people talk about what it means to live in the city with the most traveled border in the world during Trump's coercive migration policies. Federico Quaranta's voice accompanies the narration (29/9 at 3 pm). Todas esas decisiones (2022) by Juan Ignacio Zevallos, the intimate and personal story of a trip to Iraq to record the pilgrimage of Arbain, an event which, against the backdrop of a country devastated by war, involved about 20 million people (29/09 16.30). Resurrección (2016) by Eugenio Polgovsky, a young and award-winning author, tells us about the Salto de Juanacatlán, a waterfall once known as "the Mexican Niagara", a source of happiness and sustenance for the ancient cities on its banks. That all changed when an industrial zone was created on the banks of the Santiago River in Guadalajara. In the last thirty years, its waters have become toxic, destroying everything in its path, including the memories of fishermen and agricultural workers who witnessed the disappearance of their world (29/9 at 5.30 pm). Dioses de México (2022) by Helmut Dosantos explores the forms of resistance to modernization in rural Mexico, portraying the great diversity of indigenous and Afro-descendant populations across the country (29/09 at 6.20pm).

Mexico in short films

For the showcase dedicated to short films: Tal vez María (2021) by Uriel Juárez Tavera , the life of María Gómez Bulle and how she lived her emancipation thanks to her passion for photography (29/09 at 6pm).

OFF section of the Festival

For special events in the OFF section of the Festival dedicated to the cinema and culture of Mexico: the Ruta del Agave masterclass, with Mezcal Ambassador Cristian Bugiada , to learn about the history and culture of Mexican spirits (29/09 at 7pm Libreria L'Ornitorinco via di Camaldoli, 10r Mezcal tasting: 20 euros For reservations: info.entredosmundosfestival@gmail.com ) .

As part of the festival, from 29 September to 2 October, the foyer of the Cinema La Compagnia hosts the photographic exhibition by Ilaria Lazzarini “Latitude Zero. A journey into the middle of the world ”, curated by Veronica Gomez Puig and Anabella Salazar, students of the Master in Curatorial Practice at the IED in Florence.

To feel in the exact half of the world - explains Ilaria Lazzarini - where latitude is zero, you have to go to Ecuador, a small country, but characterized by a wide cultural and landscape diversity. This is a collection of images, taken over seven years, from 2008 to 2015, of the women, men and children of an extraordinary land. Here, despite the many contrasts and the growing economic crisis of recent years , the heritage of indigenous culture and respect for the pachamama (mother earth) are still an integral part of daily life ”.

Ilaria Lazzarini is a freelance documentary photographer. He worked as a co-worker in Latin America, where he developed his passion for photography. Today in Italy she deals with migrants and international protection processes. Thanks to his work in humanitarian aid and rural development projects, he had the opportunity to understand and photograph very different realities. With her photos she is an observer of the human condition through the portrayal of women, men and children in rural and urban environments, with particular attention to human rights. His photographic reports have been published in: The Huffington Post, El País España, El País Brasil, Left, Doog Reporter. He has held photographic exhibitions in Italy and Ecuador.


www.entredosmundosfirenze.com and on the site's social channels


Season tickets and tickets in advance at the ticket office of the Cinema La Compagnia and on the website: http://cinemalacompagnia.ticka.it/

Online presale subscriptions https://www.mymovies.it/ondemand/iberoamerica/

Entre Dos Mundos is organized by Vivarte Cultural Association with the contribution of the Municipality of Florence and the Metropolitan City of Florence. With the patronage of the Mexican Embassy in Italy, the IILA - Italian-Latin American International Organization and the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Florence. In collaboration with Cinema La Compagnia, MyMovies.it, 25hours Hotel, L'Ornitorinco bookshop

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