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Location: Giardino Dell'ArteCultura , live music, exhibitions, exhibitions, screenings, picnics and apericena theme!

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Address via Vittorio Emanuele, n.4 , Firenze

Date: Wednesday 01 June 2022


The Garden of Art of Florence inaugurates the new season

The Giardino dell'ArteCultura in Florence (Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4) opens the new season on May 28th with a calendar full of events for all ages.
On June 1st there will be the inauguration party with free artistic workshops for children and a Swing Jazz concert.
The Caffettiera del Giardino also reopens from 10 in the morning until 24 for breakfasts, lunches, aperitifs and dinners.

For information and reservations tel 353 4406768 -


Wednesday 1st June

The Artgarden review, by the Heyart Association, is back in its ninth edition.
The event aims at sharing creative processes and creating a space for interaction between the public and various artistic disciplines: live painting, visual art, portraiture, music, dance and theater performances but also thematic workshops and laboratories.

7.00 pm Drawing in The Garden
Evening of collective drawing and activities for children by Francesca Papazissis and Laura Pipiakit
Unleash your inner artist by learning from other artists and drawing together. Design for the sheer pleasure of doing it! Open to all, professionals, self-taught, aspiring illustrators or established artists. The illustrator, the draftsman, the artist, almost always works alone, in a room in front of a monitor or with only the company of sheets and brushes.
Drawing Days allows you to break this pattern and give you the opportunity to try new things. We give the tools, through unconventional methods. It is a way to meet new people, inspire ourselves and create a point of connection with others.

h.19.30-21.30 concert of "The GutBuckets" Dixieland, blues and ragtime!
This is the mixture proposed by the Gutbuckets, a band that composes original songs and arranges classics of the African American tradition, with a particular attention to the music of New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta.
The group is made up of Mario Evangelista (vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin) and Giovanni Gargini (drums, washboard).

Thursday 2nd June
from 7pm to 10pm Mimmy - the collector and DJ Mimmy will take us on a vinyl journey to rediscover black sounds, including funk, afro beat, r'n'b and hip hop.

Friday 3 June
h 19.30 concert "Viola e Voce" with Stefano Aiolli and Lorenzo Sansone
The two artists seek the fusion and timbral divergence of instruments so close and so distant at the same time. The repertoire ranges from arrangements of Jazz, Vivaldi, refined songwriting, improvisation and loop station effects.

Saturday 4th June
H 19.30 concert of the Blueswoods
the “blues roots” of the trees in the Giardino Dell'ArteCultura, where we first heard them and where we imagine them every time they come to mind, like in a natural habitat. On our stage Ugo Nativi on drums, Maurizio Piccioli on guitar and Francesco Pinzani on vocals will propose a path from blues to reggae through jazz.

Sunday 5th June
H 18.00 Workshop of "PIZZICA-PIZZICA" by Manuela Rorro
In some districts of the Apulian hinterland where the Murgia meets Salento, forms of pizzica-pizzica survive during intimate ritual and festive occasions, not affected by the folk revival phenomenon that in recent years has affected and sometimes upset traditional music and dance in Puglia. We will learn to know this pregnant aspect of traditional culture, with live music, together with some of the best players, singers and dancers in the area, trying to grasp the original contexts as well as the shape, made up of figures, steps and gestures. and its deep essence. Some moments of the workshop will be dedicated to the other aspects of the local musical and dance culture (other forms of dance, singing, fencing, tarantism) to the reflection on the dynamics of reinvention and re-appropriation of a traditional dance, integrated by visions and guided listening of fruit materials of a long and passionate field research.

H 20.00 PARTY DANCE with the Sënaturë / Suonatori di Ostuni
Gritty group of young players, singers and dancers, born in situations, of ritual parties, begging, serenades and convivial moments. All the components come from Ostuni and its surroundings, a real musical treasure chest. The repertoire, all performed with traditional instruments, often built by the members themselves, is composed of pizziche-pizziche, fiery party sounds, melancholic sounds, quadrille, organ singing, fencing, passionate serenades and dances, handed down by family tradition or learned from the custodians of the local tradition during a long and passionate field research, which concerns music, dances and instruments, still in progress, which can be consulted in part at the Sound Archives of Puglia.
The plays and songs are proposed in a natural way without philological forcing or distortions, as happens in ritual situations linked to everyday life, moments in which even today, some families of our communities, express themselves with the music and dances in which they recognize themselves, including tenacious persistence, natural syncretisms and contradictions. The formation has participated in numerous festivals in recent years, various initiatives related to traditional music, among the main ones we remember the Umbria Folk Festival, the Pisa Folk Festival, Majella Etnofestiva Components: Matte and Giovanni Amati
Instruments: accordions, frame drums, swing guitar, harmonica, flutes and whistles, damselfish, scraper, friction drum, bottle.

Monday 6th June
Begin the "PIZZICA FREE LAB" Folk Dances Course!
DANZEASSUD cultural association with the ARTECULTURE GARDEN returns with a cycle of evenings in which to dance, meet again, greet, have a chat, dance, have a drink together!
FREE PARTICIPATION (with reservations required via email: or via sms / whatsapp: 3393553462)
Curated by Annalisa Prota and the teachers of CULTURAL ASSOCIATION Danzeas suD

Tuesday 7th June
Begin the Hatha Yoga Course, a practice faithful to classic yoga, the work on the body that realigns the mind and harmonizes the emotions. Every Tuesday by Paola Mattioli CSEN certified yoga teacher. Free lessons open to all from 7pm to 8pm, every Tuesday.

Wednesday 8th June
ARTGARDEN, organized by the Heyart Association, a weekly event that aims at sharing creative processes and creating a space for interaction between the public and various artistic disciplines: live painting, visual art, portraiture, music performance, dance and theater but also thematic workshops and workshops.

Free creative workshops for children aged 3 to 9 by Cristina Bica. Meetings to give new life to objects in a fun and creative way since "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed" and to enhance the civic sense of recycling and recovery of objects, in the sign of environmental sustainability by promoting forms of consumption more aware.

From 19.00 - Tonight Presentation of the book "The history of rock" a journey into the history of rock, from the 1950s to today, to discover a popular art form linked to the places and socio-cultural contexts that generated it and mirror of his times. An overwhelming evening of rock with tales of great characters alternating with historical pieces played live by the author Ezio Guaitammacchi and accompanied by the splendid voices of the singers Andrea Mirò and Brunella Boschetti.
Ezio Guaitamacchi - Journalist and music critic, author and radio / TV host, writer, musician, teacher, performer. A great rock expert, he has interviewed the greatest stars of world music in his 40-year career. He has directed specialized magazines, series of musical books and published about twenty essays on rock.
Andrea Mirò - Italian singer-songwriter, composer, conductor and musician.
Brunella Boschetti - singer and historical artistic partner of Ezio Guaitamacchi

Thursday 9 June
from 7pm to 10pm Mimmy - at the console the collector and Dj Mimmy will accompany us on a vinyl journey to rediscover black sounds, including funk, afro beat, r'n'b and hip hop.

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