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Location: Manifattura Tabacchi

Address Via delle Cascine 33 , Firenze

Date: Friday 25 June 2021


Films, concerts and meetings organized and promoted by the Stensen Foundation

Among the guests of July Bruno Bozzetto, Marco Tullio Giordana, Alex Neri, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Massimo Cantini Parrini, Giancarlo Cauteruccio

From 25 June to 31 August, Manifattura Tabacchi's Piazza dell'Orologio becomes an open-air cinema with 200 seats for the review “(not only) Cinema in Manifattura” . Not just cinema, but a real cultural space curated by the Stensen Foundation , created with the collaboration of Manifattura Tabacchi together with numerous local and national partners.

Among the main events, a section dedicated to author cartoons together with the DogHead Animation animation studio, with a tribute to the internationally renowned animator Bruno Bozzetto (present in the arena on July 16), the usual cinema and psychoanalysis review with the Centro Florentine psychoanalytic , the Italian films of the last season (guests the costume designer winner of the David di Donatello, the Tuscan Massimo Cantini Parrini , the director Susanna Nicchiarelli - on July 17 - and the new director Alessandro Tonda - on July 24 -, former assistant director by Stefano Sollima for Suburra), the meetings organized by the Accademia della Crusca on the language of cinema with films to follow, a tribute to the most recent works of some Florentine directors, an evening for Lorenzo Orsetti (12 July) and one for Erriquez della Bandabardò (27 July) , a screening on the 40 years of club culture and discos in Italy ( Disco Ruin with guests Alex Neri , Francesco Farfa , Bruno Casini, on 5 July ), as well as presentations of cinema books (guest Marco Tullio Giordana together with Andrea Bigalli ) and some meetings on the contemporary, in collaboration with Associazione Andrea Mi and Ied Firenze .

The program of (not only) cinema in the Manufacture also hosts some festivals, starting from the final evening of the African Diaspora Cinema Festival (June 26), to the opening of the Festival au Desert (June 30), produced by Fabbrica Europa, at BANFF Center Mountain Film Festival (open on 6 July).

The program is divided into three time slots: at 19:00 the meetings (free), at 21:30 the film screenings (admission 6 euros) and on some evenings at 23.00 the live-sets (info and program on www.stensen. org ).

Manifattura Tabacchi proposes itself as a center for experimentation of the contemporary in Florence, aimed at promoting contamination, the production of visual and performing arts and scientific disciplines that manifests itself through the encounter and collaboration, within its places, between artists , curators, scientists, architects, independent and institutional actors and is configured as a prototype of its final destination in the spaces of the Factory, the beating heart of the Manifattura that will open in 2022.

Inauguration of the arena on Friday 25 June at 9:00 pm with the Panatella band , protagonist of the short Homily of JR and Alice Rohrwacher and with the new film by Quentin Dupieux, Mandibules , starring a giant fly.

The short film Homily is a cinematic action that draws attention to the disappearance of peasant culture and the destruction of the agricultural landscape, violated by the proliferation of intensive monocultures that are shaping entire territories, including Tuscany. The evening will open with the company La Panatella (Free Orchestra of Popular Music) who will play live the homily of the peasant world , an allegorical transfiguration of the funeral of peasant agriculture, whose millenary tradition is now safeguarded by a few arms, threatened by looming over the unconditional exploitation of territories and crops.
Mandibules will follow, a film directed by Quentin Dupieux that tells the story of Jean-Gab and Manu , two simple friends with no money in their pockets. To earn some money, the two agree to deliver a suitcase on behalf of an unknown client, in order to obtain a reward of 500 euros. To accomplish the mission, the two steal a car, unaware of what they will find inside the trunk.

The sections of the review in detail:

Animade in Italy - Behind the scenes of the world of animation

by DogHead Animation

A section to pay homage to DogHead Animation, the largest Italian 2D animation studio, based right inside the Manifattura Tabacchi. DogHead is part of the ForFun Media group, a network of companies specialized in the production and realization of animated series. DogHead's first and ambitious goal was to bring 2D animation back to Italy, creating projects with a strong creative value ranging from animated series, feature films, to video clips.

As part of the review, an evening is scheduled, in collaboration with Studio Bozzetto, partner together with DogHead of the For Fun Media group, during which Allegro ma non molto, a 1976 mixed media film, produced and directed by Bruno Bozzetto, will be screened. , who will be present at the screening (July 16). Openly inspired by the Disney classic Fantasia, the film is made up of six animated episodes (plus an ending made up of several short films of a few seconds), each accompanied by a famous piece of classical music, inserted in a film-frame shot from life, in white and black.

Dark in the room

Cinema and Psychoanalysis have often found meeting spaces during the twentieth century: hence the idea of bringing a psychoanalyst who watches, listens and comments on a film together with the public, to facilitate the perception and listening of the resonances interiors aroused by the film. Four films on the program: A son, Lacci, What happened to Bernadette and Parasite which will be screened in the special black and white edition (never seen before in the cinema).

The language of cinema

The Accademia della Crusca returns to actively participate in the cultural initiatives organized by the Stensen Foundation. For the summer of 2021, the program is that of a cycle of open-air meetings that combines linguistic reflections with film screenings. The films screened will be Calm chaos, Neapolitan spell, Caruso Pascoski , The consequences of love.

Made in Florence

Section dedicated to films by Florentine directors. Looking for Negroni by Federico Micali, Patti in Florence by Edoardo Zucchetti, The glass eye by Duccio Chiarini, Io sono by Martina Biagi will be screened.

Italian manufacture

Cycle of Italian films of the last season. Scheduled in July Miss Marx and The Shift . On the occasion of Miss Marx, there will be director Susanna Nicchiarelli and costume designer Massimo Cantini Parrini, recent winner at the David di Donatello with Miss Marx . Director Alessandro Tonda will be present for the film The Shift.

The end of the world / Wonderland

After a year spent observing the end of the world as we know it, the collective In Fugue from the Bocciofila proposes a review to enter a new dimension, where everything is possible. Six films for six evenings whose key words are: wonder, change, transformation, future. From Good Times , the revolutionary feature film by the Safdie Brothers starring Robert Pattinson that takes the thriller genre to a new speed, to A Promising Woman , Emerald Fennell's directorial debut and star at the 2021 Oscars for the new and unfiltered way to approach the theme gender-based violence; from Ruben Östlund's Forza Maggiore and his disenchanted vision of the traditional family to Holy Motors , the surreal masterpiece of the enfant terrible of French cinema Leos Carax; up to A long journey in the night of Bi Gan, a foray into a dreamlike China between dreams and memories applauded in Cannes, and Border - border creatures , a contemporary fable about diversity signed by Ali Abbasi and set among the wild creatures that populate the Swedish woods .

Sick of cinema

The best film released in the last two seasons, particularly suffered due to the closure of cinemas due to the pandemic. On the program Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Life to Come, Another Round, The father, Nuevo Orden, Madame Walberg's perfumes and previews of The man who sold his skin and Jodorowsky's Dune.

Tribute to Wong Kar Wai

Experimental director and profound innovator of the cinematographic language, there will be 6 films by the Chinese filmmaker that will be screened in the arena: As tears go by, In the mood for love, Anegli perduti, Days of begin wild, Hong Kong Express, Happy toghether .

Special events

Special events include Disco Ruin. 40 years of Italian club culture , the documentary dedicated to the history of discos in Italy. Written and directed by Lisa Bosi and Francesca Zerbetto, the film traces the descending parable of these “cathedrals of entertainment”. The deejays Alex Neri and Francesco Farfa will be guests together with Bruno Casini.

In July also the evening “Every storm begins with a single drop”, dedicated to Lorenzo Orsetti (Bear), the young Florentine who fought alongside the Kurdish militia in Syria, where he was killed. And then an evening to remember Erriquez, pseudonym of Enrico Greppi, Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist, leader of the Florentine folk group Bandabardò.

And again an appointment on cinema and censorship made together with the Gabinetto Vieusseux with the screening of Salò or the 120 days of Sodoma by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Finally, an appointment on cinema and theater in VR, in collaboration with the Teatro della Pergola, in which Elio Germano's Cosi è (or mi pare) will be screened, who adapted Pirandello's play Cosi è (se you think) to the language of Virtual Reality.

Stories of Florence

The blog Stories of Florence ( ) arrives at the theater, live, in August. The characters interviewed by the blog will talk about themselves on the stage of the Tobacco factory in collaboration with the Lo Stanzone delle Apparizioni association and with the participation of the actress Daniela Morozzi and the director of Storie di Firenze Jacopo Storni.

From the gas station attendant to the shoemaker, from the paninara to the tennis teacher, from the hotelier victim of Covid-19 to the nurse on the front line in intensive care, from the woman who won the battle with cancer to the boy who grew up with heroin-addicted parents. Eleven Florentines tell about their life and their intimacy, their work and their passions. They get naked to make themselves known and make a piece of the city known. Ordinary people, ordinary people but who are not ordinary people at all, who tell about their daily life and the battles they have faced and that have made their existence more beautiful. The stories will be told in first person on stage directly by the protagonists.


All meetings and screenings are held in Manifattura Tabacchi's Piazza dell'Orologio - Entrance from Via delle Cascine 35 - Florence

Access, reservations and prices:

All evening events (films, concerts, festivals) are subject to a fee unless otherwise indicated.

Prices € 6.00 full / € 4.00 reduced (Florence Cinema Circuit, Polimoda, Fine Arts Academy, Tobacco Factory Resident Card and conventions)

Online presales at (€ 0.60 presale fee)

Presales at the Manufacture every day from 19:30 (it is always possible to buy tickets for the following days also at the cash desk in the arena).

In case of rain, any cancellation will be communicated via the Manifattura Tabacchi and Stensen social channels by 8.00 pm of the same day. In any case, the talks will be held indoors. Presale tickets are refunded within 5 days of the canceled event.

The program may be subject to variations.

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