Wim Mertens, between classic spirit and contemporary sensibility

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Location: Chiostro del Convento del Carmine

Address Piazza del Carmine 14 (stesso ingresso della Sala Vanni) , Firenze

Date: Tuesday 15 June 2021


On the occasion of Secret Florence in the Chiostro del Carmine

Wim Mertens, between classic spirit and contemporary sensibility

Sold out for the concert of the Belgian composer. An event that celebrates the 40-year career of the musician, author of over 70 albums and successful songs such as At Home-Not at Home, Vergessen, Struggle for Pleasure and Maximizing the Audience.

The concert by composer, writer and performer Wim Mertens is already sold out, scheduled for Tuesday 15 June at 7 pm in the Chiostro del Carmine on the occasion of Secret Florence, a strategic project of the Florentine Summer.

The concert - organized by Musicus Concentus - is a stop on the tour to celebrate the 40-year career of the musician, initially scheduled for 2020 and then postponed due to Covid-19. On this occasion Mertens will offer the public both the most famous compositions, as well as excerpts from his latest album.

Always on the border between classic spirit and contemporary sensibility, his greatest hits are At Home-Not at Home, Vergessen, Struggle for Pleasure and Maximizing the Audience, but the current production counts more than 70 albums.

In fact, Mertens' career began in 1980 after having worked as a musicologist and radio producer. His first record, For Amusement Only, is a collection of eight electronic music tracks created exclusively from the sampled sound of pinball and video games. Over the years his musical language has evolved, passing through minimalism, ambient and avant-garde, without forgetting the melodic pleasure of the piano, his main instrument.

His ambition is to create events that are one between audience and performer, between music and location, he says: “It is the audience that determines the breadth of the concert that needs to be created. The relationship between the composer and his audience is built on trust ”.
“I do what happens (…) when the notes begin to emerge, playing becomes a need”.

Tuesday 15 June will be an exceptional event, made even more authentic and symbolic by the fact that Mertens is a passionate connoisseur of Masaccio, he has visited the Brancacci Chapel several times (annexed to the complex of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Carmine), and therefore has enthusiastically married the idea of a concert in this venue. The dialogue between venue and artist will therefore be at its maximum intensity.

The Cloister of the Carmine is preserved as one of the lesser known corners of the Oltrarno, a place generally "passage" that connects Piazza del Carmine to the Brancacci Chapel, but which - perhaps for this reason - retains an authentic and not artificial charm.
On the occasion of Secret Florence, and therefore only once a year, the Cloister is rediscovered by residents, citizens and tourists, who can appreciate it from another point of view: no longer as a "corridor" but as a place dedicated to music and to the show. Perfect example of a little explored place, which for a day leaves its primary function to host contemporary music performances.
We thank the Florentine Civic Museums and the Community of Carmelite Fathers of the Convento del Carmine for their availability.

Secret Florence is created by five realities active in the urban area of the city of Florence, Fabbrica Europa, Lo Screen dell'Arte, Tempo Reale, Virgilio Sieni National Dance Production Center and Musicus Concentus, it is conceived for a series of scenic spaces for the more unpublished where performances of dance, music, art and cinema adapt each time to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of different places.

The activities of the Musicus Concentus benefit from the contribution of: the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Tuscany, the Municipality of Florence, the Metropolitan City of Florence and is supported by the CR Firenze Foundation with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo.

Wim Mertens for Secret Florence
Cloister of the Carmine
Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence
Concert starts at 19:00
Doors open at 6:45 pm
The concert is sold out.

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