Culture and agriculture: Bucolica reopens its doors

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Location: Bucolica Circolo Culturale Agricolo

Address Via C. Castracani, N. 110 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Friday 18 June 2021


From May 28th every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Culture and agriculture: Bucolica reopens its doors

The agricultural cultural circle of Lastra a Signa in the province of Florence restarts with Open Farm: a dense program that in the next 4 months will offer workshops for children in the open air, concerts of Florentine folk songs, yoga in the olive grove, visits to the apiary, courses on family farming and self-production, guided visits to the farm, tastings, afternoon DJ sets, meetings with producers and theatrical performances.

It is a small urban farm in the middle of the town of Lastra a Signa 10 km from Florence, it is called Bucolica and was born from an idea of Filippo Zammarchi, agronomist passionate about agri-ecology, and Riccardo Zammarchi, organizer of musical and food and wine events .

In 2020 the two brothers hosted over 3000 people in their agricultural cultural circle, serving 3000 kg of food produced and consumed on site, to which were added 15 small local producers of wine, cheeses and cured meats and over 60 cultural activities.

A true experience from the field to the table that this year returns starting next May 28, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with many initiatives to offer small food for thought at the local level on the themes of sustainable development of cities, agriculture, communities, food and the environment. Bucolica is in fact a farm that naturally produces ancient grains, olive oil, honey, eggs, fruit, aromatic herbs and vegetables.

A place for the Florentine folk song, an agricultural bar and much more

Starting from June Bucolica, every Friday starting at 9 pm, will become a summer reference point for listening to a repertoire that strongly belongs to the Florentine tradition. A point of reference for contemporary stornellatori who pass on the songs of the countryside and the city of the last millennium.
In this season it will also be possible to take advantage of a small bar with natural wines, farmer's fruit juices, infusions and agricultural cocktails, crushed ancient grains stuffed to be tasted on deck chairs, hay bales, small tables or on a blanket around the farm.

On the opening weekend and every first Friday of the month, at 7.00 pm there is a guided walk with the agronomist Filippo Zammarchi in the farm grounds, crossing the orchard, the olive grove, the chicken coop, the apiary, the vegetable garden and wheat field. A free visit lasting about half an hour, along 800 meters of country lanes.

Every Sunday afternoon, a workshop for children will also be offered with an experience related to agri-ecology and farm activities. An educator will guide the children to discover a bucolic world among herbs, seeds, bees and clay balls.

Also on Sunday - except for the month of August - it will be possible to practice Yoga in the Bucolica olive grove. An appointment organized by the Daimon Association and the teachers Alessandra Calamai, Sabrina Miniati and Viola Toscano. For the activities, the complete program will be published shortly on the website and on the dedicated facebook events with all the details and methods of participation.

Special mention for visits to the apiary, bees and other pollinating insects represent a fundamental piece of the ecosystem in which we live. Getting to know them helps us understand how to contribute to their protection. Discover with us through a visit to a beehive, the complex society of bees. Wearing the beekeeper's suits we will open the hive in search of the queen bee and observe what nectar they are collecting, how they build the wax, the cycle of their metamorphosis and how industrious they take off in search of new blooms. Accompanied by our beekeeper you can come into contact with these fragile pollinating insects, and their vibrant family. Every Saturday afternoon.

This year Riccardo and Filippo Zammarchi managed to design the garden and the menu of the club in synergy. The menus of this season will vary monthly with the arrival of the new fruits from the garden and will have as their main theme a local variety of vegetables that they have decided to grow. On the first Friday of the month, barring unforeseen events related to the season, the new menu is presented.

Bucolica products can be purchased in the small shop inside the club: ancient grain flour, naturally dried pasta, honey, jams, eggs, hen's bottarga, ancient grain biscuits with oil and red wine and much more. ( .

For more information and reservations: 366 9793632
* The tables for drinking / eating are all outdoors respecting safety distances

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