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Location: Barberino Di Mugello

Date: Friday 11 June 2021



From June to September in Barberino and in other areas of Mugello (Florence)

With Moni Ovadia, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Andrea Pennacchi, Giulio Casale,
Riccardo Rombi, Ginevra di Marco, Alessandro Benvenuti, Riccardo Tesi, Monica Bauco, Anna Meacci, Katia Beni and many other guests

Updates and insights on the program at www.catalyst.it

An exciting journey, in the company of Moni Ovadia, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Andrea Pennacchi, Giulio Casale, Riccardo Rombi, Ginevra di Marco, Alessandro Benvenuti, Riccardo Tesi, Monica Bauco, Anna Meacci, Katia Beni and many other guests, to discover the most evocative of Mugello (Florence).

La Rinascita starts from beauty 2.0 marks the second edition of the rich summer season organized by Catalyst | Teatro Corsini in collaboration with the Municipality and the Pro Loco of Barberino di Mugello.

A real widespread festival that from Friday 11 June to Saturday 25 September, in compliance with anti-covid regulations, offers over fifty events ranging from prose, theater for children, music, circus, and with two sections dedicated to the art of storytelling and to the new dramaturgy.
The program is enhanced by eight different locations, unique and exclusive spaces in the Barberino di Mugello area, among its natural and artistic beauties: the shores of Lake Bilancino with the Andolaccio events area, the Vespucci Civic Space, the Corsini Municipal Theater , the square of the Cavallina Church, the Badia Gardens, the Galliano Gardens, the Cavour square in the historic heart of the city and the Barberino Castle, another little-known jewel .

A constantly evolving review, which will also be enriched by the music and theater proposals of the companies and associations of the area.

"We are really proud to present today this very rich program of shows for Summer 2021, comments the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Barberino Fulvio Giovannelli. We have taken advantage of the positive experience of 2020 and decided to relaunch, proposing a truly significant program, which will symbolically embrace the whole world of culture linked to shows.
We will bring again in the squares, in the parks, on the lake and in some unpublished glimpses of our territory shows and activities suitable for everyone, ideally recreating in this initiative, even the very idea of sharing and community.
For this, Giovannelli concludes, I feel I have to thank everyone from my heart. The commitment of the municipal administration will be to continue investing in culture, a fundamental tool for growth and cohesion of our Barberinese community, as well as in the various cultural initiatives that this pandemic has limited and which we hope to be able to resume as soon as possible ".

“The Renaissance begins with beauty - explain Riccardo Rombi and Emilia Paternostro, direction Catalyst | Teatro Corsini - is a festival open to different artistic disciplines and aimed at large audiences. Despite the complex condition due to the health emergency, we are about to launch this second edition of the summer festival to reiterate how necessary cultural activities are, not only because a large part of our national and regional economic system depends on them, but because they form a whole. of aesthetic values and ideas that facilitate social interactions and civil coexistence. Culture is not just a form of knowledge, but the ability to mix reason, imagination and emotions and find its expression in poetry and beauty. The Catalyst Association for its specificity of being a theatrical residence capable of inhabiting and renewing the potential of places, be they a theater hall, a square, a garden, the banks of a lake, launches a new challenge: four months of almost daily programming so that the theater returns to being a necessary common good. "

The first appointment of the festival bears the signature of Catalyst and director Riccardo Rombi, with the debut of a new production, an original version of Molière's classic "The Imaginary Sick" which will be staged at the Corsini Theater from 11 to 15 June . A text that, if in the seventeenth century found its raison d'etre in the heated social criticism of ignorance and science understood as religion, today, in this delicate historical moment, it becomes even more relevant.
In July, the prose events move to the Mugello valley, on the shores of Lake Bilancino, in the Andolaccio area: on Thursday 1 July, in national preview, Piergiorgio Odifreddi and Marta Dalla Via with "Wonders in the country of Alice", a rewrite made of scientific humor and fantastic logic, where theater and mathematics will become a game to discover that numerical and linguistic structures are the soul of Carroll's work. Friday 16 July Alessandro Benvenuti with the monologue "Panico ma rosa", 59 days of lockdown and the obligatory isolation of an actor deprived of his stage told with disarming sincerity, between dreams and needs, memories and cruelty, fantasies and a lot of humor. Thursday 22 July Katia Beni in a recital between improvisation and repertoire sketch, a disruptive synthesis of the Tuscan artist's production. Thursday 5 August White paper to Moni Ovadia. With a monologue inspired by his vast theatrical production, Moni Ovadia, one of the most prestigious men of culture on the Italian scene, gives the public reflections and readings, placing a strong emphasis on themes dear to him such as peace and human rights.
The Barberino Castle, the oldest Tuscan manor house located north of Florence to dominate the upper Sieve valley, hosts a very special setting curated by Anna Meacci with "What remains of Shakespeare" on Saturday 17 July.
The prose returns in September with a book of many dates. Friday 3 September at the Barberino Castle for a journey into science fiction with Catalyst in "Millennium", the new mise en espace curated by Riccardo Rombi. On Saturday 4th September, in the Galliano Gardens, the comedy show between mambo and merengue "Anita ". Bathroom juggling with the cabaret artist Anna Marcato who will involve the spectators in an unprecedented bathroom musical, in which there will be monologues, dances, songs and obviously laughter. Monday 20 September at the Corsini Theater with Chille de la balanza. On Saturday 25 September, Pojana, the famous character / entrepreneur invented by Andrea Pennacchi and brought to the limelight at Propaganda Live, the broadcast directed by Zoro on La7, arrives on the stage of the theater.
All shows start at 21.00.

The first three major events of the Festival are guests of the Andolaccio area of Lake Bilancino:
Sunday 20 June, 7.00 pm, Riccardo Tesi and Maurizio Geri with "Above the roofs of Florence" . Tribute to Caterina Bueno they re-read in a personal way some of the most important pages of the Tuscan singer's repertoire, giving a new look to songs that still have a lot to say. Thursday 24 June, 9.00 pm, "Donne Guerriere" sees Geneva by Marco and Gaia Nanni on stage, with Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori and directed by Gianfranco Pedullà. A theater / song show to pay homage to all those women who with their singing and their choices have become authentic pages of historical and cultural memory. Friday 23 July, 9.00 pm, Giulio Casale with "Letters from afar", a reinterpretation of his and Estra's songs, tributes to artists who were part of his training, songs and readings by different authors (among others Hemingway, Brodskij , Pasolini) for a one-of-a-kind performance to be listened to.
More music in the appointments, all at 9.00 pm, in the square of the Chiesa di Cavallina: Sunday 4th July Monica Bauco and Nicola Pecci in Amore? Perhaps over time getting to know each other worse, an ironic and hilarious recital / show on the relationship between man and woman, with stories, stories, songs and small hilarious monologues. Sunday 1 August Onehand Jack by Stefano Benni with Rosario Campisi and Elena Talenti, a poetic and musical journey, where Benni's dreamlike and bewildered tale blends with songs by great ladies of blues and jazz, from Etta James to Billy Holiday, from Nina Simone to Ella Fitzgerald. On Sunday 8 August the Note Noire Quartet concert, contemporary jazz pages on original compositions. Sunday 29 August Tribute to Piazzolla with Ciro Masella and Gabriele Savarese the immortal notes of one of the most beloved composers and bandoneonists of the 20th century music scene, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of his birth.
Another event of the festival, Thursday 12 August at 9.00 pm at the Barberino Castle, with Re-Edith, the singular tribute to Edith Piaf by Anna Granata, popular folk singer of the Italian music scene compared by critics to Bjork and Laurie Anderson, in a concert in electroacoustic key. A poetic synthesis with original songs that comes from the reading of a collection of letters written by the unforgettable French singer-songwriter to her secret lover.

The festival dedicates an important space to the art of transformation and to the magical joyful world of the circus with many tout public appointments. From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 June, 17.00 and 18.30, the Bilancino Lake hosts the mini review "Appesi a un filo ..." 4 intense days of shows and workshops with Clown Giulivo, Il magago delle Bolle, Daniele Giangreco, Clown Dementius, All circus.
A major international event is expected on Wednesday 14 July in Piazza Cavour with Le Divan del Circo Toamême. Historic school of performing arts in Freiburg which for 25 years has welcomed children, young people and adults of all backgrounds and conditions around the circus arts, the new work arrives in Barberino during its international tour. On a mobile stage set up by the group of young artists, the show mixes different disciplines for a performance in the spirit of the Nouveau Cirque that combines poetry, circus techniques, live music.
In July and August the circus art continues to animate the various spaces of the festival with other shows, all at 9.00 pm.
Wednesday 7 July in the Galliano Gardens Animation / Circus with Alessandro Angeloni. Thursday 8 July, Lago di Bilancino, the Nando and Maila company with Sonata for pipes, an original contemporary circus show with songs, dances and circus rehearsals.
Wednesday 21 July at the Badia Gardens Super! Super! Super! by and with Andrea Vanni, daring anti-hero struggling with plungers to jump higher, rotating anti-gravity flying objects and improbable acrobatic exercises. Double show on Wednesday 28 July, at the Giardini di Badia, at 7.00 pm Marco and Manola with the jugglers-clowns The brainless brothers and at 9.00 pm hilarious gags and surprising tricks with Incomica by Eccentrici Dadarò. Friday 6 August, in the Galliano Gardens, the comical euphoria of the Beghere Company with Rendez-vous! between pressing music and circus virtuosity, flying dishes and a thousand magic. Friday 27 August at Lake Bilancino with the eccentric comedy of Giulivo Splash.

Thursday 17 June, in the Galliano Gardens, between theater and music the Jazz Tales (The Emperor's New Clothes) of the Popular Art Theater. In the Spazio Civico Vespucci: on Tuesday 29 June the poetic musical story The breath of the wind by Cada Die Teatro. Saturday 24 July, the sweet and funny show The ugly duckling by Nata Teatro, inspired by Andersen's fairy tale. Thursday 2 September Tailor-made textures by Giallomare Minimal Teatro.
Also in September, for the Children's Theater Festival comes "Piccoli incanti", a theater review for the new generations, with other new appointments not to be missed that will see the new works of the Catalyst Company and the new productions at the Corsini and in the other places of the Festival. of national companies that Catalyst has supported in the last year with the Artistic Residences project of the Tuscany Region and the Mic. These are the appointments: Wednesday 8 September at the Corsini Catalyst Theater with Il Re Serpente. Thursday 9 September in the square of the Church of Cavallina Kanu of the Small Idyls Company. Friday 10 September double appointment: at Lake Bilancino with INTI. Stories of love and trees and at the Corsini Theater with Catalyst in Casa Romantika. At the Corsini Theater: on Saturday 11 September the company Anima Scenica Teatri per Ulisse senza terra and Sunday 12 September one of the first national dates of Pem's new work by Rita Pelusio with the TrioTrioche starring Papageno Papagena.

A monthly appointment (Sunday 11 July, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 July, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September) is what characterizes the first nucleus of the storytelling festival, conceived together with Anna Meacci and Anna Castaldo and the actors of the Dimenticanza, Dimenticanza laboratory. it is a real storytelling workshop, a research project, writing and dramaturgical staging. A mong the productions of the project will be implemented: Woman and Lara Gallo, Journal of Mediterranean and Marco Malevolti, How in and Angelo Castaldo and Personae film: Socrates "But Che plays in Brazil?" by and with Anna Meacci.
Narration for adults but also for children, together with the stories of Elisabetta Salvadori and the company Intrecci Teatrali with La Fabbrica dei baci, finalist show of In Box verde 2020 (30 and 31 July).
Within the review, a real curiosity is the revival of "J or back to earth after 2000 years", by the writer and journalist Massimiliano Miniati, twenty years after his debut, a funny and surreal comic piece (Saturday 18 September).

Space also for new proposals, to offer a look at the new national dramaturgy , for a section of the dedicated review.
Friday 9 July at the Corsini Theater Room 18 of Ocra Officine Creative Resistenza Artistica, with Giorgia Calandrini and the original music by Martino Lega and Michele Mazzocchi. Saturday 10 July, at the Spazio Civico Vespucci, Daf Teatro with STAY HUNGRY an investigation of a hungry man by and with Angelo Campolo. Winning show In Box 2020, Angelo Campolo brings to the stage an autobiographical story, an unprecedented point of view to look at the phenomenon of migration, through the adventures of a small big project in a city of landings like Messina.
From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 August, also at Spazio Civico Vespucci, three works selected thanks to a call for three shows will be hosted. The selection is aimed at prose performances that fall into the category of the new dramaturgy, and there is a fee from 600 to 800 euros (based on the number of artists involved) as well as a reimbursement for hospitality costs (room and board). ). Info on www.catalyst.it/rassegne/

The spaces of the festival
Bilancino Lake in the Andolaccio events area, Vespucci Civic Space, Corsini Theater, Cavallina Church square, Badia Gardens, Galliano Gardens, Cavour square and Barberino Castle

Lake Bilancino Shows: Full 15 euro (Reduced Coop 12 euro, reduced Summer Card 10 euro, students 8 euro)
Other shows: Full 8 euro (Reduced Summer Card 5 euro, Free for under 12)
Circus shows Badia Gardens, Galliano Gardens, Piazza Cavour. Shows at the Barberino Castle: Free admission.
Tickets on sale at the box office of the Corsini Theater and on the Circuit Box Office Toscana and Ticketone | ticketone.it

SUMMER CARD - Non-nominative card with a reduction of 50 euros that can be used throughout the summer both individually and in groups. Ticket prices with the card will be 10 euros for events on the lake and 5 euros for other paid events.

Reservations required
For all shows, both paid and free, reservations are required on 055 841237 | 055 331449

In case of rain the shows will be held, where technically possible, indoors at the Corsini Theater

Updates and insights on the www.catalyst.it program.

La Rinascita starts from beauty 2.0 is organized by Catalyst | Teatro Corsini in collaboration with the Municipality and Pro Loco of Barberino di Mugello, the Ministry of Culture, the Tuscany Region, Unicoop Firenze and RAT The festival is supported by the CR Firenze Foundation with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo .

Rebirth begins with beauty 2.0 | Widespread Festival
Barberino Estate 11 June - 25 September 2021

Updates and insights on the program at www.catalyst.it

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