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Location: Area Eventi Andolaccio

Address Lago di Bilancino , Barberino di Mugello

Date: Sunday 20 June 2021


Sunday 20 June 2021, 7.00 pm

Bilancino Lake | Events Area Andolaccio - Barberino di Mugello (Florence), via del Lago



Contemporary tradition

Riccardo Tesi, diatonic accordion

Maurizio Geri , guitar and voice

And 'the music to inaugurate the first of many events Andolaccio Area of Lake Sling, one of the most charming places of the popular festival Rebirth starts from beauty 2.0, scheduled until September and other in Barberino del Mugello areas, organized by Catalyst | Teatro Corsini in collaboration with the Municipality and Pro Loco of Barberino di Mugello.

With "Sopra i tetti di Firenze", Riccardo Tesi and Maurizio Geri take the stage on Sunday 20 June , at 7.00 pm , for an exciting concert of popular music between tradition and modernity in a unique and exclusive location in Barberino di Mugello: on the banks of the lake and surrounded by greenery (Bilancino Lake, Andolaccio Area, via del Lago). Tickets: Full 15 euro (Coop reduced 12 euro, reduced Summer Card 10 euro, students 8 euro). Tickets on sale at the box office of the Corsini Theater and on the Box Office Toscana and Ticketone | ticketone.it Reservations required on numbers 055 841237 - 055 331449.

Architects of a formidable musical and human understanding, when Riccardo Tesi and Maurizio Geri perform in duo they manage to make the flowers of a modern popular music blossom starting from those seeds of tradition that they have collected together with Caterina Bueno.

Thesis with his melancholy and dreamy accordion, Geri with a lucid and multifaceted guitarism, but also with a vibrant and expressive voice, ranging from traditional music to instrumental compositions, passing through gypsy rhythms and songwriting, drawing on the most beautiful pearls of a repertoire vast that they have brought to the world in twenty-five years of artistic activity, offering a music that looks ahead, well minded of what, behind it, has allowed it to exist: a music that is Contemporary Tradition.

Ricardo Tesi , internationally renowned composer and accordionist, is considered one of the most daring and authoritative musicians on the European world scene. Instrumentalist with an unmistakable style, he is one of the pioneers of the rediscovery of the diatonic accordion in Italy, a popular instrument whose language he has revolutionized and broadened the vocabulary beyond tradition.

Assiduous crossing of geographical and stylistic borders during his thirty-year career he has collaborated with prestigious names of Italian and foreign world music (C. Bueno, E.Ledda, D. Sepe, P. Vaillant, J.Kirkpatrick, J.Vali, M. .Perrone, K. Junkera), of jazz (G.Mirabassi, G.Trovesi, MPDe Vito, P.Leveratto), of rock (Piero Pelù, PGR, Skiantos) up to the great songwriting (F. De Andrè, I. Fossati, GMTesta, G.Gaber, C.Donà, etc.).

Leader of Banditaliana, one of the most internationally acclaimed Italian groups, and member of the Samurai, quintet of all stars of the European accordion, he has played in the most important European folk & jazz festivals with frequent tours in Australia, Canada and Japan.

He has recorded 21 albums under his name, including numerous original productions dedicated to the smooth, traditional Tuscan and Emilian music, has composed music for cinema and theater and has long been involved in teaching.

Maurizio Geri trained as a guitarist and singer alongside Caterina Bueno, a popular singer and researcher of Tuscan popular music. Historical member of Riccardo Tesi's “Banditaliana” quartet, he obtained numerous awards as author and performer. He approaches the manouche genre in 1985 and has been at the helm of the “Maurizio Geri Swingtet” group for about twenty years.

His artistic career has solid roots in traditional Tuscan and Italian music in general and, together with his passion for the manouche style, he gives life to an original repertoire made up of instrumental compositions often inspired by the Mediterranean, reworkings of traditional songs and forays into song form.

He has played in festivals throughout Europe, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Japan and has released around twenty records.


Full 15 euro (Reduced Coop 12 euro, reduced Summer Card 10 euro, students 8 euro)

Tickets on sale at the box office of the Corsini Theater and on the Box Office Toscana and Ticketone | ticketone.it

Reservations required 055 841237 | 055 331449

SUMMER CARD - Non-nominative card with a reduction of 50 euros that can be used throughout the summer both individually and in groups. Ticket prices with the card will be 10 euros for events on the lake and 5 euros for other paid events.

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