Surf Ventura

Who has never been to the Surf Ventura? Who has never tried at least?

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Name: Surf Ventura

Address via Ser Ventura Monachi 21r

Tel: 3388710838



Who has never been to the Surf Ventura? Who has never tried at least?

There is a knock on a small door with a porthole, the usual question is answered "do you have a card?" (the Surf Ventura is a club), you go down a couple of steps and it feels like you've covered a thousand miles. For many people, the SV represents a mythological topos like Arcadia or Atlantis, a small, underground Olympus of the cocktail where Patron Mauro (Maurone or Maurino, you name it) has reigned for decades. Surfboards, snowboards and shark fins hang on the walls. Around the counter, which is not used to lean on it but only to go and pay, triumph the photographs of a couple of generations of cocktail lovers who have been immortalized around the world with the SV cardboard placemat in hand. All the plaster and the tables are covered with writings because here the expression is free. Drinks are drunk at the table and Mauro takes the order in person, with his extravagant pens, under the beach umbrellas or sitting on the tables in the great room.
For those who discovered it in their teens, Cipensoio was molded into the taste buds like the plasmon cookies of when you were little. Among the great creations (literary as well as alcoholic), we remember the monkey brain, the baboon, the Mauro, the Alfonso with banana, the soffocone, the sweet bucaiolo and then the eat and drink cocktails with selected exotic fruit. Nothing to say even about the classics to be served in the cocktail glass : they bring you an empty glass to the table and directly the shaker from which you can get more than a full one.
Don't miss it.

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