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Name: Koto Ramen

Address Via verdi 42r

Tel: 055 247 9477

Email: info@kotoramen.it


As stated in the official website of the restaurant Koto Ramen in Florence , the restaurant celebrates one of the most dense dishes (both literally and metaphysical) of Japanese tradition, the Ramen precisely.

The Ramen, popular traditional food (comes from China but the Japanese archipelago has been reinterpreted and almost every district exhibits a variation of it), is a dish to accomplish seemingly simple but actually requires the strict respect of how to prepare and use of the necessary ingredients, almost a concentrate of Zen philosophy.

In Ramen expect to find, in spite of his apparent humility, "the color, the finesse, the touch, the effect, harmony, taste." He said Roland Barthes in his beautiful "Empire of Signs", citing Diderot to describe the viewing of the exhibits ingredients "in their nudity" in the Japanese kitchen.

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