Dim Sum Restaurant

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Name: Dim Sum Restaurant

Address Via dei Neri 37/r

Tel: 055 284 331

Email: info@dimsumrestaurant.it


As stated on the official website of Dim Sum , this restaurant offers "an unusual cuisine, refined, a mix of fragrances, sensations, flavors designed to surprise and delight even the most discerning palate.

Each country has its own traditions, not only typical dishes but also different habits. Dimsum is the term used in southern China to indicate a meal, particularly on Sunday or on special holidays, it consists of small portions of dishes with meat, fish or vegetables, but also sweets or fruit. Here you can try different types of gustossissimi ravioli, from the most traditional with meat or fish, the more details with truffles or lardellati in which there is a strong influence of Tuscan cuisine, but the menu also hides other surprises, a wide choice of starters and second and especially the very special noodles, soup or stir-fried with meat sauces, fish or vegetables to satisfy every palate.

We welcome you with a cup of tea, which not only welcome will allow you to try out this particular match with our dishes. Tea in the East is often used to accompany the main meals, all types of tea should be served at the right temperature and with the right infusion times, and that's how you try it as dimsum. You can then decide whether to continue your meal by choosing and sipping a cup of tea in our selection, or opt for one of our selected labels.

For a different lunch or reproduce at home one evening in perfect style dimsum can order our dishes ready to take away or buy noodles and ravioli still be cooked to experiment and create your recipes. "

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