Caffè de' Pinti

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Cafeteria, Confectionery, Wine bar, Appetizers & Apericena, Events & Private Parties, Free Wifi access

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Name: Caffè de' Pinti

Address Borgo Pinti 103-105 R.

Tel: 055 243773


Café de 'Pinti Borgo Pinti 103-105 r. Florence

The Café de 'Pinti is located in Borgo Pinti, corner of Via Giusti, a short walk from the Hotel Four Seasons.

One of the best in the area offers in terms of café and bar with kitchen, as well as tobacconist.

In the 2 indoor rooms you can sit at the table for lunch and also during aperitifs and themed evenings.

ragionevolissimi prices and excellent quality of the ingredients.

Scheduled monthly evenings "Aperipinti" apericena dedicated to international traditions and events dedicated to the world of fashion and art.

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