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Cafe specializes in rum and Bistrot

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Name: Cafe1926

Address Via Giovan Battista Niccolini 30/R

Tel: 055 2346296



Here's how the official website of the Café 19:26 describes the local:


Rum is joy, music, pleasure and should be drunk in company, diluted with water in equal volume to appreciate the taste and smell, or alone, shortly after inhaling the aroma, and accompanied, if desired, from a coffee, chocolate , a cigar as long as the height. If you like or do not know the Rum revenue at Cafe 19:26: we will guide you in the halls of rum, unique in Florence with a selection of over 380 wines from the Caribbean Sea, in a magical mix of fine dark chocolate, precious woods, soft pillows and soft lighting.


Jacques Prevert, poet so irreverent as loved, he wrote: "And God drove Adam to shots of sugarcane. It was the first rum on Earth ". It 'widely believed that Adam took refuge in consoling Caribbean with Eva and plenty of rum. Rum, as a woman who knows she is beautiful, pretend atmosphere, light-heartedness and simplicity without the sage rites of color contemplation and avoiding religious taste in solitude with special cups in predetermined hours of the day.


19:26 you can eat at Cafe knowing it is not, and will not be, a restaurant or an inn but a small bistro serving, affordable and accessible to all, salami, pasta dishes, foie gras, salads, cheeses and desserts with a selection of Tuscan wines, Italian sparkling wines and champagne, served between books, iron tables and mirror glass windows reminiscent of the old premises of Florence Capital, with the charming and joyful atmosphere stolen from Montmartre.


19:26 cafe offers, along with the morning cappuccino, just brioche pastry, even empty or, on guest's request, when stuffed with honey, chocolate and jams. Do not miss sweet, savory, juices and cocktails accompanied by delicate appetizers that even with live music in the evening hours, make it a pleasure pause.


Lights, colors and decorative elements have been revised and re-presented in a unique style, with original furniture components, wood, marble, mirrors and ironwork playing on contrasts of light and chiaroscuro, giving a visually striking backdrop to enjoy in each time of day, from morning breakfast to after-dinner drinks.


19:26 cafe is the brainchild of a Florentine family who, with the help of a dreamer named Romeo Perri, wanted to contribute to redevelop the nineteenth-century district of Piazza d'Azeglio creating, a few steps from Sant'Ambrogio Market , a local studied in detail by the Tuscan designer Fabio Becattini who has reconciled operational functionality and environmental charm.

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